Lockdown day 49: works of art
Monday May 04th 2020, 10:26 pm
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Anne couldn’t find my address so she had to rat herself out and ask. I’d ordered some Holz and Stein needles and a Mel and Kris deep-dish pie plate for picking up at Stitches back in February, which I missed due to a if not the virus.

So Anne had picked them up for me and waited for me to get better. But before we could plan it–we do not live close and the whole thing was heroic on her part as far as I’m concerned–the early lockdown was announced.

Today we became officially slightly less locked down.

The doorbell rang.

She had on a mask, I put on a mask, but these past few months have taught me that I lipread more than I think I do. So Anne stepped even further back and hung hers askew so I could see and we chatted a few minutes, which felt like heaven.

She brought me my needles, she brought me my pie plate…and she brought me a Mel and Kris yarn bowl as a surprise!

She had no way of knowing how much I’d wished for weeks that I had one while working on the ocean afghan–well, and forever before that, too. I finally gave up a few days ago and started doing the intarsia Kaffe Fassett style, where instead of trying to untangle whole balls of yarn as you switch sides at the ends of the rows you simply break off as long a length as you think you can manage and pull it and the next through again and again and again and just deal with weaving in all the extra ends. It’s faster and so much easier.

This is the yarn bowl I would have picked out if I’d been the one picking it out. It’s gorgeous. (So is the pie plate.)

Anne also brought the news that since so many of the festivals and art fairs they make a living at have been canceled this year, Mel and Kris are now selling online. Shipping is what it is because pottery is heavy.

Those pictures of the 8″ pan I make my fruit cobblers in? It’s labeled as their mini pasta.

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It was wonderful to see you! I did try to do a “ding dong ditch”, but you came outside after me (-:

I love my husband, I have a nice house, but sometimes you just need to get out.

Comment by Anne 05.04.20 @ 11:11 pm

I’m currently working on an intarsia sweater- colorblocked. On the second front. There are 6 columns of color; 3 panels with a 6-stitch cable separating each, plus a cable on the front opening for the button band. Jane Slicer Smith, Metro coat. The back had 9 columns; 5 panels and 4 separating cables.

I work with cd storage boxes; took 3 for the back, 2 for the sides. The cakes of yarn (Cascade 220) are lined up in the order they’re worked. After the right side row, they’re all twisted to the next one. At first I thought, uh oh, am I going to have to untwist every row? But then I found that after the purl back row, if I twist each join, at the end of the second row everything’s back to the original state.

I think this is working for me better than bobbins of unknown size, and lots more ends to join. But it’s not transportable; I have to have the boxes in front of me on the coffee table, and I sometimes have to shoo the cat that’s trying to get in my lap and climb over the yarn.

I can email you pictures if you want.

Comment by Debby 05.05.20 @ 12:26 am

What a wonderful surprise!

I’m so glad you both could enjoy some happy time together, yet apart.

Thank you for sharing this.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 05.05.20 @ 7:03 am

What a nice surprise, and how gorgeous is that yarn bowl!

Comment by ccr in MA 05.05.20 @ 7:45 am

(I would *love* to see Debby’s solution to this problem. I hate weaving in ends…)

Comment by KC 05.05.20 @ 12:50 pm

Works of art indeed. How beautiful every piece is. It is probably a good thing I don’t live in their neighborhood. I would have a hard time deciding whether to buy yarn (art in its base form) or their art.
The yarn crock is so much fun. The large fish container is simply amazing. Thanks for the link to the “show”.
Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S in Canada 05.05.20 @ 4:03 pm

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