Lockdown day 33: dig a little deeper
Friday April 17th 2020, 10:56 pm
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It was so good. Definitely making that pumpkin cranberry sourdough again.

Also in the future food department: looking at my apricot, tomato, butternut, zucchini and watermelon seedlings, I was trying to figure out how to grow all those where there’s the most sun.

The edge of the concrete patio, for one.

My sister Marian has talked a lot about her gardening in cloth grow bags, which got me to go look. The county just shut down the nurseries and those are sold out on so many sites.

Someone on some review said the Vivosuns were the best they’d found, with a three year warranty to back them up.

Another brand was reported as ripping immediately out from the weight of the dirt coming in. I do not understand manufacturing something to be immediately thrown away in the landfill.

The latest of Vivosuns with the improved (maybe read: their decorative contrast color?) handles were sold out but the older version still beat the competition from everything I could find.

The price, the usefulness, the durability, the washableness, you could chase the sun around the yard (maybe, doubt I will) with those handles making them more portable: I bought the 5-pack of 15 gallon size on the idea that those would be big enough for both my tomato plants and, eventually, those teeny tiny apricot seedlings. Of which I have three and two, respectively.

And now that size is sold out. I just barely made it.

Gardening supplies: they’re the new toilet paper.

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Future food for the win!

Comment by ccr in MA 04.18.20 @ 6:32 am

Rule of thumb: tomatoes need at minimum 5 gallons root space, better at 8-10. (Cherry tomatoes are ok at 5.) Squash need more, and for them the grow bags seem to make a difference vs hard pots, tomatoes don’t seem to care as much. Since I do have a small back yard but it’s all cement I have tried a number of things. The premise of the bags is that as the roots hit the inside surface they still sense air and will diffuse into more roots, while when they hit a hard inside surface they circle, looking for a ‘down’ which isn’t there. The more root surface the more the plant takes in nourishment to grow. Have fun, and good luck!

Comment by Marian 04.18.20 @ 7:36 am

Here, you feel like you won the lottery when you find a bag of flour!

I guess people decided that since they have time on their hands, better get back to basics…

I look forward to read about your gardening adventures.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 04.18.20 @ 10:56 am

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