Lockdown day 27
Saturday April 11th 2020, 9:52 pm
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Those Anya apricots. I saved ten pits last summer.

I knocked over one of the paper cups the middle of last week and when I went to gently put everything back in…there seemed at first to be no sign I’d ever planted anything in there.

Did I somehow miss that one?!



At least I had that one big, healthy one about to sprout. And then seven days ago, an actual sprout in a second cup.

But I checked a few others and they’d rotted away, too, so I quit looking and just kept watering (not too much now!) and figuring I’d give it another week–again, and likely another one after that; maybe all they need is warmer weather?

I transplanted the big one split wide open and its healthy, strong root into a bigger pot with better drainage.

I do not know how that killed it, but it died.

At least by then I had the tiny second one throwing out leaf after glorious little leaf.

I went to bed last night grieving Brad’s death hard. So not the ending to the story we’d expected. Thank you for all your comments, it helps more than you know.

And–as long as I was wishing things had turned out different–I wished I’d gotten more than one healthy actual apricot seedling after all that hope and expectation and effort. Not that it mattered; I just wanted it. Like a two year old who’s going to go pout in the corner over not getting a marshmallow.

I woke up this morning and somehow the first thing I did was walk across the house over to those pots.

Where there was very new and completely unexpected life. A sprout! It had no color to it, the future leaves were just tiny bumps on a tiny stem and it could have just been a fragment in the potting soil, but no, it was real and it was not there last night and I grabbed the paper cup out of the windowsill and put it outside in the new sunlight of the day. (Under a bird netting cage. Its little homemade ICU.)

Not ten minutes later I thought, wait, I need a picture.

Already it had taken on a tinge of green. Can you see it? Already it was starting to respond to the sun and creating sugar for its roots below. That fast.

And I bet I can tell you what it’s going to look like a week from now.

We’ll see how it goes, but right now it feels like a gift from Brad. It helps.


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You probably tried to transplant it too soon. If you can wait for it to be pot bound in anyway, it will survive the shock of being transplanted more easily. Perhaps poke a hole or two in the cup and place it on a saucer if inside. Treat it as a preemie – lots of care and love – until it is stronger.

Comment by Anne 04.12.20 @ 12:59 am

Ah, a little bit of growth and hope is a comfort these days. Hang in there, little plant, you can do it!

Comment by ccr in MA 04.12.20 @ 9:48 am

I’m with Anne. Might have been too soon to move it. I have no experience with apricots (other than eating them) but they are likely tender and sensitive.

A lovely gift from somewhere or someone for you to care for. Good luck.

Comment by Chris S in Canada 04.12.20 @ 11:47 am

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