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Tuesday February 18th 2020, 11:12 pm
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My ’07 Prius’s fob’s buttons hadn’t worked for years, but at least it unlocked the car when you walked up to it.

Until it didn’t.

At least you could get the physical key out of the fob with great difficulty and a broken nail or two to open the driver’s side door, put it back in the fob, and then stick the fob in the slot to start the car when the fob’s battery was dead.

Until a piece of the back went missing after time in that slot and it wouldn’t go in anymore.

At least you could replace the battery.

Except now you couldn’t–we’d done it so many times the screws were stripped and they wouldn’t come out.

The cheapest new fobs cost a crazy amount of money, so we took a chance on simply replacing the plastic cover of the one I had. Didn’t know that was an option but it was.

Ordered this fob cover.

The most useful video on how to change it over was here.

A white pillow in the lap to help find any dropped tiny tiny screws should that happen. Highly recommended.

He replaced the battery. The new fob cover now has all the innards the old one had. We did not glue it like the video says, just the screws and the slides and the snapping together mixed with a bit of hope and the old physical key inside the new cover and then he sent me outside to go see.

The open button worked. The lights came on. Would you look at that!

The close button worked. The lights went off.

Cool! I was not expecting that. I was just hoping to get back to how it had been.

It was cold and I hurried back inside.

Richard: Well? Did it turn on?

Me: I didn’t try that. (Thinking, actually, I wasn’t done…)

Him: manages not to roll his eyes while I grab a jacket because hey, it’s 45F out there. Let me go make one last run past skunk territory.

So I got to go play again with the buttons and I got to try turning the car on and then hitting the lock button and testing it again and everything was peachy fine and after days of borrowing his key my new version worked! For $13 after tax.

Now, says he. Now that we know that that’s all we need, go order a new cover for mine, too, would ya? It’s starting to fall apart.

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Hooray for a simple fix! Simple in hindsight, anyway.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.19.20 @ 7:47 am

This is SO cool! Shared it with 2 friends that have ’07 and ’09 models. Thanks!

Comment by DebbieR 02.19.20 @ 10:53 am

Hurray! We have had to replace both our ‘clicker’ fobs and keys over time. Imagine our joy when we discovered that you can order those fobs online now, and they are not expensive anymore! Even better was the guy who travels to your car, helps make new keys to replace lost ones, and sets it all up for you for a reasonable cost. It made such a huge difference to do it in the driveway with little kids at home…but yours is the cheapest solution yet, wow!

Comment by Joanne 02.19.20 @ 1:23 pm

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