Afraid of the dark
Thursday February 06th 2020, 10:38 pm
Filed under: Wildlife

Wow, this was all the way back in July? The skunk on the doorstep?

The reason I just checked: I heard–*I* heard–scritching, scratching sounds at the back of the house and went and told Richard in the other room that apparently our furry little friend was over on that side now.

It may or may not be relevant that I watered the mango before sundown, and watering brings tasty grubs to the surface–never mind that the greenhouse is in their way, they wouldn’t know that.

He said that oh yes he’d heard it a number of times of late. He was clearly pleased that I got to, too. He noted that whatever it was, it was a big one.

Which was exactly my take on it–it was definitely not mouse sized.

This being skunk mating season, there might be more than one out there and for that matter they could be setting up housekeeping in our shed.

But about an hour later it looked like the warming lights were out on the tree, and that’s something that had to be fixed immediately if they were. I had to go out there.


They were on. The leaves and lights had just gotten rearranged a bit when I unplugged things to do that watering. Yay.

But I’ve had “I Hear You Knocking (but you can’t come in)” ear worming relentlessly in my head.

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