So now you see how I got this way (I flatter myself)
Sunday October 13th 2019, 10:07 pm
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My 37-year-old daughter was in I think middle school when I bought a cotton Christmas sweater at Costco that my mom liked enough that I bought her one, too. Or maybe I just thought she would and then she did, I don’t remember: a white goose wearing a blue scarf inside a Christmas wreath with sparkly red plastic beads, cheerful and vivid to celebrate the season.

The tag said dry clean only, so I did–but those beads came back melted right into the fabric. The owner of the little shop was horrified at ruining it and said it was the manufacturer’s fault for mis-tagging it, it should never have come there, take it back for a replacement; I waved away her worries by saying, a) it was a one-time thing at Costco, I can’t replace it now, and b) it was only $15, c) she did her best and d) it’s not like I’d be wearing it every day all year anyway.

I quickly warned Mom, though.

She hand washed hers.

I hadn’t seen it in years, but then I don’t live there.

She put it on it for their Christmas card picture this past year.

The goofy tray-holding butler bear (the tray serving as its platform heels in the shot)? That’s totally on Dad.

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Carole and Christina visiting for Thanksgiving pointed out that the bear was just the height for the wheelchair, both sitting by the front door…and that’s all it took for the idea to take root. It’s one of the greatest pictures ever.

Comment by Marian 10.13.19 @ 10:36 pm

What a fun memory! May you find peace in knowing he is at peace and comfort in those memories of many years of a life well-lived.

Comment by Ruth 10.14.19 @ 12:10 am

Priceless picture!!

Comment by Anne 10.14.19 @ 12:18 am

That’s a great photo! Such joy!

Comment by Jody Mason 10.14.19 @ 3:38 am

I so love memories like these! The best memories are the ones that make us belly laugh. Looks like you’ll have plenty of those to hold close.

Comment by Pegi F 10.14.19 @ 3:48 am

Gotta love it!

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 10.14.19 @ 8:54 am

That picture is amazing!

Comment by ccr in MA 10.15.19 @ 12:46 pm

I hadn’t even thought about the tray not being in Old Ephraim’s hands! (That’s what Dad dubbed the bear, he bought it to receive cards at the door for their 60th anniversary party, do I remember correctly? Or a big Christmas party.) I hadn’t even realized that it could detach. I just got pulled into the delight of the shot.

Comment by Marian 10.15.19 @ 10:05 pm

What a fabulous photograph!

Comment by LauraN 10.23.19 @ 4:53 pm

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