A shot in the arm
Thursday August 08th 2019, 10:13 pm
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Went to pick up a prescription and there was a banner above the pharmacy window: Vaccinations.

So I asked, not quite daring to actually hope: did this mean they finally had Shingrix in stock?

They did! As of today they had the latest flu shot, too!

This early?!


Note that we have a baby in the family scheduled to be delivered weeks short of full term.

I did ask if I would need a booster later if I got the flu one now and was assured by the pharmacist that no, it would be effective for the whole year.

So I filled out the paperwork, waited while they did the insurance company thing, and knitted, glad for the small project in the purse given that I had expected none of this.

Just before the pharmacist gave me a shot in each shoulder she happened to mention that that was their last dose of Shingrix.

I had been trying to get one for over a year. I’ve heard so many friends tell horror stories of what their shingles was like: intense, unrelenting pain for six months, one whose husband went blind in one eye, another who was hit with it twice.

After all that time spent fervently hoping I not get it while waiting for the vaccine to finally be available, and then the extra of being able to go through airport crowds and not have to worry about bringing the grandchildren the flu, to which I am highly susceptible–I tell you, I walked out of there so very very happy that after I got home I even told every single spammer on the phone, warmly, to have a nice day, even though the ringing has been relentless of late. The ones that were actual human beings I decided needed a little humanity shown them, because how often do they get that.

Now we just have to find one of those doses for my husband. I don’t know if all the CVSs received stock or just the local one. Sorry I hogged it, dear.

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Congrats on finding the Shingrix! And I hope you can find one for Richard without too much trouble. Walgreens finally had it here (but couldn’t get my insurance straight), as well as Publix (grocery store).

Comment by ccr in MA 08.09.19 @ 1:44 pm

Just remember to get in for your booster dose! Ideally in 2-6 months, but anytime after will be fine as well.

Even though I am age eligible for the vaccine, I know that Shingles is more of a risk the older you are, so I am deferring until the supply is regular (which is should have been by now, according to early press releases from the manufacturer).

Comment by wildknits 08.11.19 @ 11:49 am

Late chiming in, but congratulations on getting the last shot!

I hope you are feeling much better by now.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 08.14.19 @ 7:54 am

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