The place was really busy
Tuesday February 12th 2019, 11:26 pm
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The sky was dark and low but the rain was holding off till evening. The shoppers were not.

I told the young clerk Pegi’s line about this being a French Toast run before the storm: milk eggs bread. He and the bagger cracked up, with the clerk especially looking like I had just totally made his day.

Clearly someone has parents who taught him how to make it. I remember thinking in college that everybody did: you just whip the eggs with a little milk, dip in the bread, pre-toasted or as is, a pat of butter in the skillet and one side and then the other and there you go. Easiest dish ever. (A side effect of our having lived in New Hampshire is that only real maple syrup will do for us. It’s the rule.)

And I remember the friend who watched my every movement like a hawk, trying to memorize proportions, which don’t matter much, not wanting to admit at the beginning that at 21 she’d never learned how to do this. How many eggs?

Her dad had died young and her mother was someone who bought blue cheese dressing but threw it away a day or two later because it had gone moldy. All those little blue bits in it.

And as long as I’m on that subject, my sister-in-law had a college roommate who was trying hard to learn from her how to cook. When my sister-in-law asked her to wash the lettuce she, having no idea, compliantly did: she squirted dish soap on it.

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Lol…well, luckily the soap can be rinsed off as well. Growing up, we only had one type of salad dressing for many years…homemade Thousand Island, my dad’s favorite. It was probably only in jr high or high school years that store bought Green Goddess and Catalina dressing became part of our world.

Comment by Ruth 02.13.19 @ 1:19 am

That reminds me of a story from an exchange student from France who lived with us for 6 months in my junior year in high school. Wanting to help her feel welcome in our home, my mom told Virginie that there were leftovers in the fridge, and she shoud warm them up if she was hungry after school. She did – by placing the plastic container on the stove and turning on the gas. Oh dear. The kitchen smelled of melted plastic for 2 days!

Comment by Pegi F 02.13.19 @ 5:05 am

The washing the lettuce line was truly cringe-worthy! Yikes! I think we all have had those friends illustrated in the blue cheese story too, I know I have.

Comment by Christine Pereira 02.13.19 @ 8:17 am

The things we grow up learning from our parents that many don’t, lol.

Comment by Helen 02.13.19 @ 3:07 pm

Someone in Boston spelled out a whole French Toast Alert System, which makes me laugh every time.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.25.19 @ 1:32 pm

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