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Tuesday October 02nd 2018, 9:54 pm
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LLBean email: You have a $10 gift certificate you haven’t used and it’s about to expire.

Me: Okay, whatever. (Clicking on Sale.)

And that’s how the funniest I-must-be-getting-old?! conversation I’ve had in awhile got started. I have a clutch of a wallet that I bought when my oldest was maybe as old as high school: it is safe to say it has seen better days. As in, I’ve been thinking for about five years now that I really need to ditch it but hey, the leather isn’t torn too much. (Yes it is.)

Bean had, at half price, one that looked very much like mine only a bit thinner; throw in that $10 off and I could have a nice one for $24 and free shipping? That’s actually interesting. Yeah, I could put some money into that.

A last-second thought stopped me.

I opened the chat function on the site: I can’t tell from the photos. Does this hold a checkbook too?

James, whoever he was, managed to not quite say, A what now? But he had no idea how one would know. None. The picture says it holds a cellphone, he said helpfully, while clearly wondering if the latest Apple X would actually fit in there–maybe not. Check. Book. A small book. Right?

I had to explain to him what one is like. You have the pad, and you have the ledger, and the wallet has to be able to open all the way so as to lie flat.

It has three sections, he said helpfully.

But does it have pockets going across for the edges of the checkbook to tuck into to hold the two pieces in place.

Let me get you a product specialist.

I waited…

The product specialist clearly did the same thing I did: she measured her own checkbook. But at least she had one and she knew what they were. It’s 7″, hers was 6″, it should fit.

But does it have the pocket for it to hold it.

She at least knew why one would want that. Some more checking and waiting…

It does have a pocket. She was pretty certain it would indeed work. She wasn’t sure it had two like mine, but hey, one would do the job, so, good enough, I ordered it.

The 8-track-tapes of finance. Who knew such a thing might be endangered.

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Can you say”dinosaur”? Good for you! I have been searching for a number of years now for a wallet, that I like, that will accommodate a checkbook. No luck. Normally, I probably don’t write more than one check a year or two, but occasionally a local small business refuses to take credit cards because of the fees. I never carry cash. The times…they are a changin’.

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 10.03.18 @ 5:57 am

We are now charged $1 by the credit union for every check we write! It makes writing checks less useful…and, since no place I go insists that they are good currency, I end up leaving my check book at home more often than not. Crazy world, isn’t it?

Comment by Joanne Seiff 10.03.18 @ 10:23 am

I used to write cheques (as we say in Canada) quite often – but I rarely do now. I used to really think about my choice of the cheque design or the chequebook cover!
E-transfers are very popular … even among friends or family. No fees and instant receipt without having to go physically deposit a cheque.
Cash usage is getting rare enough! Canadians are very high users of payment by debit cards.

Comment by LisaRR 10.03.18 @ 5:14 pm

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