Pork in, pig out
Saturday July 21st 2018, 9:53 pm
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Re that Instant Pot yesterday: I got a 3 qt Mini on Black Friday last year and had enough Target gift cards that it cost $11 cash. Note that Target is increasingly giving out small gift cards with purchases of multiple items to entice people to come shop in their physical stores.

Costco sells sets of individual pork sirloin tips. I’ve learned they’re perfect in an Instant Pot–if, but only if, they’re thawed when you put them in; frozen ones come out really tough. (Or at least mine did.) Thawed, it came out as tender as you could ask for even though there was practically zero fat in that dish.

So, recipe: one chopped onion. A bunch of small apples (I was trying to use up the last of my tree’s Yellow Transparents) or one or more big ones, peeled and chopped. A cup and a third to a cup and a half (somewhere in there) of fresh apple juice from Trader Joe’s or any variant thereof. And here’s what totally makes it: cherries on top. The more the merrier. I used (frozen) sweet cherries and sour apples. Note that all this went into my little Mini. It was tight, but it made it. Meat setting, 19 minutes.

I’m no great cook, and I’m sure there is some spice blend out there that would make this fabulous, but this made a good throw-and-go main course that had us coming back for seconds.

And it can cook your dinner on its own and then turn itself off and keep it hot but not too hot while you sit under the trees locked out waiting for help.

I replaced my spare key today. Horses and barn doors and all that.

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Check out Penzey’s I’m sure they have some sort of spice mix for pork. I used to use their prime rib rub in pot roast. They have a store on Santa Cruz in Menlo Park.

Comment by Anne 07.22.18 @ 12:22 am

Sounds yummy…hope you didn’t get too much sun exposure!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 07.22.18 @ 7:21 am

Extra fruit? I am sure you know this already, but you can slice up those apples (or other fruit) and put them in plastic bags in your freezer for later. It takes up a lot of room but means you can process them into applesauce or pie or take out handfuls for roast later on. Plus, once frozen, they lose some of their cell structure and cook down more quickly. Most of our apples end up as sauce, dehydrated chips, fruit roll, and even jam, but I get tired and then it just gets frozen. We use it all!

Comment by Joanne 07.22.18 @ 8:03 am

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