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Saturday July 14th 2018, 11:09 pm
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Back to the long-neglected baby afghan.

A question for the knitters: if you had to have four stitches out of every twenty-five in a second color nine times over, would you make nine bobbins to dangle and tangle? Or would you carry the yarn all the way across back and forth? Note that I am compulsive about twisting across the back of every stitch while doing fair isle, so that’s an intensive amount of untangling anyway.

I started with the bobbin idea. I ditched it after the first color change and went with the carrying but I’m second-guessing myself constantly. Bobbins would make a less dense fabric, less warm. They live in San-fer-cryin’-out-loud-Diego.

Right now it’s nice and thick and almost baby-proof. And very very slow going.

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How often are you changing colors? If there are large patches, I would go with bobbin-type. If there are little bits here and there, why not use duplicate stitch?

Comment by Anne 07.15.18 @ 12:52 am

Look up how to make butterflies with the yarn. It’s a trick my weaver S-I-L taught me. Similar to bobbins, less tangling for me. Trying to strand across that many sts is a big invitation to the frog pond.

Speaking of Sts., the Stitches West class list is out, so we are getting sort of closer.

A hui ho,


Comment by Lisa 07.15.18 @ 1:30 am

It’s like this. Cut some two yard lengths. Add them as they present letting them hang down, no bobbins. Comb out with you fingers every so often. Very meditative and much less swearing. Not that we swear but I hear that some knitters do so.

Comment by Afton 07.15.18 @ 5:36 pm

What Afton said.

(and could she really hear me from where she is?)

Comment by twinsetellen 07.16.18 @ 4:19 pm

I’m working on a sweater right now with 3 colors almost every row. I did cut the small lengths, and they are much worse (IMO) than stranding, which I started off doing. With stranding, I had a rhythm going, with the lengths, I’m stopping every 9 sts to pick up the 3rd color, putting it down, and moving on another 9 sts. I did it to save yarn, but sheesh!

Comment by Mary 07.17.18 @ 6:17 am

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