Highway 80
Saturday June 16th 2018, 10:16 pm
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When I was a kid, the freeway between Washington, DC and Baltimore was two lanes each way built out of, if you can believe it, concrete. Set in blocks with the gaps between giving the material room to contract and expand with the temperatures. You did not want to drive it fast: it was a loud bambambambambambambambambam jackhammering all the way. But there really wasn’t all that much traffic on it, at least.

Eventually they tore all that out and put in a real road, which now has heavy development pretty much all the way and the cars to match.

I was remembering those childhood trips to the Maryland state piano competitions at Peabody in Baltimore as we drove from here to Milpitas to Sacramento today. On a weekend, that should be a two hour drive, ideally.

The road is old and not very wide with a whole lot of traffic and they are improving it and widening it in some spots. Construction. Accidents. Cars cars cars.

Three and a half hours there, two coming home.

And yet. We were carpooling with friends and it was time well spent and I’m very glad we went.

Knitting in hand, I finally ventured to ask… The driver guffawed in disbelief at the question: “YES! I LOVE cashmere!” She told me wistfully she owned one single cashmere sweater.

I did not tell her I hadn’t made her a cashmere cowl because her husband had told me she was allergic to it. I had wondered ever since if he’d heard me right, if he’d thought I was only talking about wool because I knew he was having a hard time hearing every word. But he seemed sure enough of himself that I hadn’t pushed the idea.

She loves peach.

I have a finished one in peach.

Well then.

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That worked out!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 06.17.18 @ 5:10 am

Would it be wrong of me to say you’re peach? I wish to bring the kindness you spread back to you…

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 06.17.18 @ 7:26 am

I remember that drive between DC and Baltimore and the bumping! When I was a kid, my summer camp would take us to see a real live baseball game and the Orioles were the closest. Gosh that was a super long day, and so bumpy in the back of a bus or rental van. The roads are smoother now (and the Nats closer) but the traffic means you have to drive it at the crack of dawn if you want to get anyplace at all!

Comment by joanne 06.17.18 @ 8:11 am

Speaking of Peabody…

Kate was talking with our choir director as he told her that she was thiiis close to making a major breakthrough with her singing. “Hm, I was considering working with a vocal coach. Any idea where to find a good one?” “Sure, try starting at Peabody.”

“What’s Peabody?”

The silence was deafening, followed by a few chuckles.

And, yes, she found a coach.

Comment by Deb in MD 06.18.18 @ 1:45 pm

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