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Monday May 21st 2018, 11:00 pm
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Well, that was a surprise.

I got a lovely note today and had no idea who this person was; I had to scroll down through the email chain, trying to figure it out.

Two years ago a friend had given me a big bag of craft supplies she wasn’t interested in anymore, nor was I, but I told her I could post it on Freecycle.org so that she could know it would go to someone who would be glad to have it. There were quite a few beads in there and someone could have the fun she’d hoped for when she’d bought it.

And so I did that.

I’d long since forgotten all about it.

The note was from the woman who had gotten that bag. She was no longer a medical student here but now in residency at the same school where my brother-in-law did his. Cool. But I remember the descriptions of what it was like to be in training as a young physician and the severe lack of personal time it entailed and I’m not surprised it took that long for her to really search that bag.

But yes, she had held onto those craft supplies while moving halfway across the country to her new place.

And only then did she discover that, by her description it sounds like I gifted her with a cowl along with a note that meant a great deal to her, whatever I said. She is studying the specialty of one of my favorite doctors, and if I didn’t then I did today, telling her what a difference he’d made to me and wishing her well in her life. She was very touched (and here I was, reiterating that message, I’m sure.)

I don’t remember doing that. But I know I would be doing exactly the same thing all over again if given the chance–with a plain-vanilla-wearable-by-anyone cowl at the ready, or any one that just felt right. Because one of my doctors–and because of Rachel Remen’s stories on the subject–taught me what a difference it can make to a physician to know that there really are patients out there who appreciate what you go through as you aspire to do right by humanity, the whole reason you went through all that you went through to get to the point where you could offer of yourself and your life like that.

That they’re not forgotten when the medical crisis is past.

I wonder if maybe, just maybe, two years ago wasn’t when she needed to hear that message: maybe today was. I have watched life dance to the choreography of G_d enough times…

Knitting is love made tangible. Even if I wasn’t ever her patient, I know well the life of a patient. And I know it’s not always easy to be a doctor.

I’d better get to it on the next cowl to have it ready to send out into the world.

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Knitting is love made tangible. So true. I’m inspired to finish the chemo hat I’m making, and to start another one! Thank you for all you do.

Comment by Pegi 05.22.18 @ 3:27 am

How neat to get that note years later! It’s a good reminder that we don’t always know at the time when we’re making a difference to someone.

Comment by ccr in MA 05.22.18 @ 4:29 am

Talk about “every thing happens for a reason”!!

I have chills reading your post.

I pray this new doctor holds on to this note and this cowl and maybe gets inspired to share her appreciation too, when the time comes.

This highlights to me that I need to block the teacher’s gift and make the tassles.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 05.22.18 @ 5:49 am

“Knitting is love made tangible.” That struck such a chord in my life that it brought me to tears. That’s why we do it. When we knit for anyone, a loved one or someone we don’t know we are expressing our love with our hands. We hope that the recipient feels that love and support.

Comment by Mary 05.22.18 @ 7:40 am

“life dance to the choreography of G*d” – oh yes, isn’t that true.

Reading this post made me connect a book, which I read over the weekend, with you (yeah, my brain is weird). It is called “When Breath Becomes Air”, written by Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon who studied at Stanford. It was uplifting and sad, big and small – all at the same time. I don’t feel comfortable saying I enjoyed it, but it was a deep read that I’m glad I made the time for.

Keep knitting so you can step into G*d’s choreography!
Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 05.22.18 @ 6:30 pm

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