Friday October 27th 2017, 10:42 pm
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Well, one thing about having had temps in the 80s and 90s during three weeks of October is the sea of yellow flowers across the top of this, hundreds of them.

One single Sungold cherry tomato plant that took over the world: it’s eight or nine feet long, six feet wide, and generally eyeball height. Those fancy extra-large tomato cages I bought? That I carefully checked morning and night to ease the branches back inside of as this one in particular grew upwards? It sometimes grew an entire rung’s height in a day. Doesn’t matter that I had other tomato plants, it wanted all of theirs and still kept going.

The others gave up at about a foot high. And see that pink miniature rose way down there? It had plenty of space to itself when this started.

The Sungold is swinging from the fig tree, it’s almost trampolined itself over the fence, and at some point it’s going to ask us for the car keys. It’s hard to believe a freeze will end it all–but at the rate we’re going this year, maybe not. (I can wish.)

I am definitely planting Sungolds next year. A little further away from everything else.

It’s a good thing they have the best flavor, too.

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“it’s going to ask us for the car keys.” LOL!!!

Comment by Jody 10.28.17 @ 4:30 am

Sungolds are one of our favorite tomatoes – and they are prolific! We planted 6 this year (as we always do). They don’t take over quite as much as yours, but they do sprawl out across the bed and would be nearly 5 ft tall if we supported them. By late September they are about done producing for the year (daylight length and cooler temps seem to play a role). The snow we got the other day killed off all remaining garden plants, well except maybe the brussel sprouts!

Comment by wildknits 10.28.17 @ 6:14 pm

“The Sungold is swinging from the fig tree, it’s almost trampolined itself over the fence, and at some point it’s going to ask us for the car keys.”

lol, You’re cracking me up. If there is radio silence from this blog, should we send the police to check “the tomato plant that ate….”?

Comment by Helen 10.28.17 @ 8:06 pm

I think you are being optimistic. “ask” for the keys? No, I think “demand” the keys is likely to be more accurate.

And though we did have our first snow yesterday, it was the very first real frost of the season, too. Quite late.

Comment by twinsetellen 10.28.17 @ 8:22 pm

I love sugolds. Didn’t see any here to buy…I actually only bought one cherry tomato plant, I raised the others from seeds. I missed the sungolds–I’ll look for them next year for sure. (And yes, you’re cracking me up too.)

Comment by Marian 10.28.17 @ 9:35 pm

Oh my – car keys indeed! I am glad you are having such “good luck” with your sungolds! No tomatoes for us this year and this week we are looking at temps ranging from 60 to 20 depending on the day and hour during the week. Yikes! Grandkids may be out on Halloween with their coats on over their costumes, but then again maybe not. Mother nature is once again exerting her right to be fickle!

Comment by chris 10.29.17 @ 7:08 am

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