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Monday July 31st 2017, 9:45 pm
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I had some figs that were turning that sweet shade of brown suggestive of summer sugar coming in…

…And then I didn’t. I saw a Bewick’s wren diving out of there and up again to the fence as I approached, and they’re my favorites, but hey, guys. Clearly they were not impressed by my strategically-placed leftover birdnetting bits and leaning broken netting cage (to thwart leaps from the fence, but squirrels aren’t supposed to like them anyway.)

I had this yellow mesh bag and stuck it over one of the bigger figs–and it has stayed put for weeks now. Hey!

So I ordered more. I didn’t need big ones, just big enough to slip over each fruit and tug a little on the strings. Green seemed good; it would help disguise the ripening, right? I’m told (is it true?) that birds tend not to figure out when the green varieties are sweetening up. Mine are the aptly-named Black Jacks, though, so no such luck on that account. So maybe buying green would have been better, but this is what I’ve got.

Pro tip: if you search for mesh bags, soon you get Amazon ads for, of course, mesh bags thrown at you. I’m on to them now: the price in those ads was $2.66+free shipping, whereas when I clicked through the various colors offered, the price was suddenly about three times that plus shipping, and when I went back to the white that it had started me at, it, too, was now at the much higher price. Stinkers. Or, to be more charitable, bistro mathematics (a la Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

Note that now that I haven’t looked in awhile it’s down another 68c.

Anyway. So I went back to the window with the ad and clicked through again. There was the white again at $2.66 total. And here we are.

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