Thou hast made Thy children mighty
Wednesday April 26th 2017, 8:24 pm
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Let me explain what I meant by this yesterday.

Our daughter Sam was hospitalized Saturday with the doctors deciding to wait till the morrow to induce her–let the baby be 37 weeks and officially past prematurity, but then he was going to have to come out. The risk of losing him had become too great.

Sunday morning, then, they started the inducing and she was in mild labor all day. She was where she needed to be: they could monitor him and do something fast if things went south.

We went to bed that night after offering the message that they were not to worry about waking us up: whatever the hour, we wanted to know.

She was in labor all Sunday night.

She was in labor all day Monday.

She was in labor all Monday night. We slept badly but not as badly as our daughter and son-in-law did.

She was in labor all day Tuesday. That baby wanted every extra hour he could get. Just as we were about to hit the lights last night the message came in: her water had broken. We looked at each other and pronounced, “Show time.” Wishing it were and figuring probably not any time soon, still, at the rate things had been going.

She was in labor all Tuesday night. I’ve borne four children and done twenty hours’ worth for a miscarriage and I cannot begin to fathom how she could do it.

I woke up this morning seven-ish, checked for messages, saw none, and thought, my poor kid. My strong, heartbreakingly brave kid who was willing to risk so much to bring her son into this world to share a life with the best man she could possibly have chosen. I cannot begin to say how in awe I am of her.

Her husband stayed by her side.

I had just stepped out of the shower when Richard startled me (didn’t know he was awake yet) with a “Hello, Grandma!”

Mathias Ronald, 7 lbs 11 oz with his daddy’s nose and the most perfect face. Shattering our hearts into a million brilliant momentums of joy.

Welcome to the world, little one. We cannot wait to see you, too.

(Photos by Sam.)

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Congratulations to all!!!!

Comment by Anne 04.26.17 @ 8:42 pm

Welcome Mathias!
He’s a good size for arriving a couple weeks early! Hope Mama can get the rest she needs.

Comment by LynnM 04.26.17 @ 11:41 pm


Comment by Afton 04.27.17 @ 3:13 am

Congratulations! If he is truly early, Sam is lucky he arrived when he did or he could have been even bigger! Blessings on everyone!

Comment by Jody 04.27.17 @ 3:57 am

Welcome to the wo4rld, little one!

Comment by Pegi 04.27.17 @ 4:15 am

Hooray! Happy birthday Mathias! I’ve read about Sam’s perseverance in her studies and health issues, so it shouldn’t surprise me that she’d labor three days, doing the very most she could to help her son. I can only imagine the heroic effort and I am so happy the hospital didn’t rush her for their convenience. Congratulations to all! Do you have your ticket yet?

Comment by DebbieR 04.27.17 @ 5:35 am

Congrats, Alison! Good size little boy!

Comment by Sharon 04.27.17 @ 5:56 am

Warmest welcome to this perfect angel and congratulations to the new parents!

I pray Sam is doing well and is finally able to rest.

Thank you for sharing your joy with us!!!

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 04.27.17 @ 7:23 am

Beautiful! Congratulations to all!

Comment by kmom 04.27.17 @ 8:42 am

MAZEL TOV! He is beautiful, and has such a brave and strong mom! I agree with DebbieR–how great to hear the hospital let her do this in her own time, it is rare.

I look forward to hearing that you danced at his wedding. You know, in 20-25 some years ? 🙂

Comment by Joanne 04.27.17 @ 9:05 am

I’m soooo happy for you and your family! Enjoy Grandma!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 04.27.17 @ 9:37 am

I am glad he is here and all is ok. My thoughts are with this mom who has gone through so much. Thanks for letting us know.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 04.27.17 @ 11:43 am

Oh my, Alison, he is adorable. Totally agree with you about the excessively long labor and admiration for your DD.

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 04.27.17 @ 7:34 pm

Congratulations to the entire family. What a sweet boy!
Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 04.27.17 @ 8:13 pm

Oh, congratulations! He’s beautiful!

Comment by ccr in MA 04.28.17 @ 5:32 am

I am thrilled to see this news after an extended trip on my part kept me from the blog. He looks so wonderful (and yes, like his daddy!). Congratulations all around, may he grow up in peace and joy and love. I know you will give him a good start at that.

Comment by twinsetellen 05.01.17 @ 8:48 pm

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