Giving it the side-eye
Friday April 28th 2017, 9:40 pm
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The Rios sweater is a riff on a baby pattern I bought from Imagiknit at Stitches.

I do not love piecing sweater bits together. And Purlescence no longer exists for me to hang out with other knitters while I do it. So I dragged it to the audiologist‘s.

The fairly new woman at the desk confessed when I checked in, “I know you’re totally a knitter but I can’t remember your name.” She became knit-worthy on the spot.

She and the audiologist were thrilled when I showed them who I wanted to be able to hear and it clearly made a scut-work task (ooh, scraping ear wax out of tiny spaces: thrills chills and excitement) a lot more fun to do. I’m trying to live up to their example.

Finally got to the top of the first side, wool in hand, and only then did it hit me: you’re supposed to sew the sleeve on first you doofus.

Yes I really did do that.

Well, it would keep him from scratching his face, right? They do make belegged straitjackets for newborns (whatever the official warm-and-fuzzy word for them is.)

Yeah, no. It took me awhile to un-run that end back out. Random suppressed giggles and an awareness that if I could feel that yarn pulling (my ears were on their own just then) then normal people could hear it going zip, zip as the pieces fell slowly back apart, and so much for showing off.

They were very kind and pretended not to notice, but I wasn’t the only one trying not to laugh.

I want a baby sweater pattern that’s done all in one piece. The yellow wool one Aunt Mary Lynn gave us when John was born that I passed down to Parker when he was born: how did she do that… Coming down to points that crossed over in the front… I could certainly figure it out but it’s so much easier when someone else already has. Take my money, save my time.

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Baby Surprise Jacket by Zimmerman.

Comment by Anne 04.28.17 @ 11:18 pm

This is a cute one-piece cardigan I’ve made before:

And I make a LOT of Baby Surprise Jackets! I hate seaming, too.

Comment by Pegi 04.29.17 @ 5:29 am

Anne got here before I did.

It’s interesting to knit (lots of counting for me, I don’t “see” the pattern the way EZ expects me to). It’s simple to put together. You can add a hood with a little tinkering. It’s reversible – just put buttons on both sides. You could dress it up with stripes or whatever you like.

Totally worth the money – and I have a “cheat sheet” for the counting which I could send to you if you like.

Am starting one this weekend for a new baby coming in our family.

Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 04.29.17 @ 6:34 am

oops – forgot to say there is an adult sized pattern too. And I’m sure with your experience, you could fiddle enough to make the children’s one in increasing sizes.
Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 04.29.17 @ 6:38 am

The 5 Hour Baby Sweater is my go-to. I prefer to make it with the hood. I just made a Tomten (another EZ pattern) and I don’t like it very well and, besides, it is sooo boring to just knit, knit knit.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 04.29.17 @ 8:45 am

About 15 years ago I knit a 1-piece garter stitch sweater for my nephew that had diagonal front edges that crossed in front. It had 1 button at the point of one front edge and multiple buttonholes on the bottom of the other edge, so that as the kid grew bigger around, you could move to another buttonhole.

I believe it was an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, but I don’t see it any of my books, except as Baby Surplice Jacket in Knit One, Knit All, which is too new to have been the source. But maybe the pattern was printed earlier in one of her newsletters or a magazine.

Comment by Ruth 04.29.17 @ 11:04 am

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