The Santa clause
Thursday December 08th 2016, 9:48 pm
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I was steadfastly and adamantly a parent who did not tell my kids that Santa was real, ever, to the point of having been told by one of my siblings ages ago not to say anything to her kids because they believed.

Well I did, too, on the importance of the meaning of Santa, and I talked to my kids about that a lot. Starting with peace and going straight to the with goodwill for all men part.

My cousin pointed today to an essay on the subject. It is brilliant. It is exactly what we parents all hope for for our kids. I wish I’d thought of it but I’m glad someone else did.

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I think this is fabulous, too.
My kids of course are grown, and we picked up on the approach of a friend, that “Santa is the spirit of giving.” That simple statement when they’re little, and then we told them that Santa was the picture we created of the spirit of giving. That did succeed in not making them upset to find out that Santa was not really an elf, but I love this co-conspirator/ unsung gifter experience that this mom created.

Love and Merry Christmas to all!

Comment by Marian 12.08.16 @ 10:33 pm

My husband was the youngest of seven children. When he was about 7 years old, some adult asked him if he believed in Santa Claus. He said, “I’d be a fool not to!” That was reported to his parents, and it was the end of an era.

We never told our kids that Santa was ‘real’ either. We said that he represented giving–and that we could all participate–rather like the woman writing the essay you linked to. My kids have followed that tradition too. My youngest granddaughter, at 3 1/2, saw someone in a Santa suit and told her mother that some of the kids at school said that Santa brought presents to people. Her mom said, “well, yes, that’s true. Sometimes he does.” And Madeleine replied, “Tell him no more than two. I hate picking stuff up.”

Comment by LauraN 12.08.16 @ 10:33 pm

Thanks for that link! Captures the spirit of giving and keeps the magic alive.

Comment by LynnM 12.09.16 @ 3:04 am

This is lovely. As a non-Christian in a family that mostly is, I have always gravitated to the generous spirit of Saint Nicholas as my connection to the holiday. I do have a family heirloom creche, but the joy of my holiday decorating is my Santa collection, for what it represents. There is good in the human heart, just as there is weakness, and it feels so good to celebrate the former.

Comment by twinsetellen 12.09.16 @ 9:13 pm

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