Saturday December 31st 2016, 12:01 am
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Ends needed to be woven in, seams sewn, stitches picked up… My favorite tasks. Not. And I’d lost my deadline.

So instead of finishing the sweater, I spent the day knitting the cowl I had cast on earlier yesterday when I didn’t know yet that that yarn rescue was about to happen.

I had one cone of 64/36 fine cashmere/fine cotton (on sale through December–note they’re on England time, 150g/$18 ppd) and had wound it into three equal balls and knit them together. No scouring, no plying, just go.

There was no way I could do it in a day. I wanted it done today. It’s not large but it’s done. Helped by the fact that I landed on my knee outside along with the same part of my upper foot I broke six weeks ago, sliding out from under me the same way. This time icepacks made a difference so I don’t think I broke anything. Sit! Knit!

Measured before blocking it’s 9″ long and 22″ wide and it will be growing larger in just a moment. What surprised me is how solid it looks but how light it feels, so I weighed: it’s 40g, and I have 114g left. (Colourmart tends to wind a little extra on.) For my $18 I could get three cowls out of this and even without having scoured it first, even with the mill oils still in, it feels like–this is cashmere. And someone who likes bright colors is really going to love this one.


(Edited to add, one really ought to look up a new word before posting it but in this case we’re safe. “Smalt,” their description of the color, is “glass colored blue with cobalt oxide” or a dye made from that glass when ground up. That fits it quite well.)

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thanks for the definition. Otherwise, I was thinking somewhere between “small” “smelt” (the firing process) or “smelt” as in fish. Perhaps I was seeing fish in the pattern.
In any case – the color is lovely and anytime knitting goes rapidly it is wonderful.

Now, shall we discuss you moving a bit more slowly and carefully?

Comment by Holly 12.31.16 @ 12:24 am

What a pretty color! And I have a new word to use in my Ravelry description… Smalt!

I agree with Holly – although I know it’s not your style, moving slower might be a good idea these days? Glad nothing is broken, and that you have a reason to sit and knit. Not that you needed one!

Comment by Pegi 12.31.16 @ 6:19 am

Gorgeous color!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 12.31.16 @ 11:01 am

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