Yarn barf plant
Saturday May 21st 2016, 11:24 pm
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The philodendron (The Man Eating Plant as it’s always been fondly referred to around here) will from time to time produce a tiny leafy bit that encloses an actual new leaf and then that green outer covering dies away. The plant grows a little faster than geologic time, but not by much, so I’m sure we get a new leaf in the summer but I’m not sure we get much more than that in a year.

The latest new leafing out seemed…different this time. I noticed that just enough to remember today and go oh, that’s why!

Because that abnormally swollen not-actually-a-leaf-cover finally opened up.

We’ve lived here for 29 years and we have never seen the thing bloom before.

Hiding in there was this weird blob that instantly reminded me of Margaret’s wool.

Years ago, this elderly friend at church gave me some wool yarn she’d had since the ’60’s or so, when natural scratchy wool with the lanolin mixed in was the fad. Over all those years, the lanolin had splotched and dyed it randomly yellow and I knew from my handspinning classes that there was no washing that out. It just was.

I didn’t love the stuff but I was determined to try to at least do something with it, for her sake. And so I stuffed the whole two pounds’ worth in my dyepot to make the coloring a little more deliberately random. The bad part is, I did it without tying enough ties around the hanks because I didn’t want to bother and I told myself it wouldn’t matter even though I knew I knew better.

It. Felted.

I mean, it felted! Like crazy. Random parts of random balls, all in one big hopeless tangle. I threw the whole mess in a closet and didn’t want to deal with it and was grateful Margaret never asked.

My folks came to visit awhile after and Mom discovered that wad. She insisted on pulling it gently apart and untangling it. I tried to say it wasn’t worth her time, but she wanted to do this for me and so she did.

It took her two days.

Only a mother… A mother who knits, that part helps, too, but still, only a mother loves us enough to take on such a task.

So yeah. Looking at that blossom? I had to look it up to find out I should be calling it a spadix. But to me there’s really only one description for that thing. Yarn barf.

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Positively Jurassic!

Comment by LynnM 05.22.16 @ 12:37 am

I had to go read the wiki page on this plant. Very interesting. I guess the plants I have are not that. And a bloom is amazing. Does yours have a second color near the bottom? Any scent? Given the wiki page, you may be attracting beetles! Well, only if the plant goes outside, I assume.

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 05.22.16 @ 3:23 pm

Your philodendron must love how you take care of it!

Comment by Helen 05.22.16 @ 4:57 pm

My mom just let me know that her Dieffenbachia that she has had for years, is blooming! They are of he same genus, Araceae, as the Philodendron (and Peace Lilies/Spath). Makes me wonder what is going on out there. Magic space dust? 😉

Comment by Barbara 05.30.16 @ 4:58 pm

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