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Wednesday January 13th 2016, 9:39 pm
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I finally went to go buy a new niddy noddy. I didn’t call ahead; Purlescence sells weaving looms and spinning wheels and there’s no way they wouldn’t have them in stock.

Not only did they have a plain Ashford like my old unfinished-wood, no-frills broken one of that make but they had a Kromski.

I’ve never spun on a Kromski wheel but I’m marginally familiar with them. Of course they make niddy noddies. Even if I’ve never paid attention to the fact that they do. I mean, usually you buy one niddy noddy ever and then that’s it, you’re done, right? No point in shopping for more.

Unless you have to.They were so pretty that I almost didn’t let myself look at them–surely they were way out of my price range. Beautifully finished and turned wood, engineered to keep the yarn from slipping off the end you don’t want it to and to slip off the end you do want it to when you’re done. Nice.

Pamela saw that I loved it and steered me back to it: they were almost the same price. I was stunned. Both brands under $25. If I had known that I would have replaced my falling-apart one ages ago. (Counting on my fingers… It would be 22 years old this summer and I paid $20 way back then.)

Buying mill-end cones can get you great yarns at great prices but then you have to hank, scour the mill oils out, dry, and wind into a ball, a fair bit of extra work that’s already been done on yarns in your average shop. You can have your bargain but you have to work for it. Hanking is one of those things I just have to do sometimes.

I couldn’t wait to get to it. It was such a pleasure to hold and see that I actually looked forward to the task and enjoyed it, and that earned it its price tag right there.

To the Kromski family: well done, and thank you for this.

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Oooo, pretty! Now I’m thinking I need one! I have been unraveling sweaters I made years ago that I was never very happy with. A niddy-noddy would be very helpful in figuring out exactly how much yarn I have. Yeah, that’s it. I NEED one! 🙂

Comment by Pegi 01.14.16 @ 4:53 am

I just knit with the cones from Colourmart and then wash the article. I know I would have noodle–boodles otherwise,.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 01.14.16 @ 5:54 am

I have two handmade niddy-noddys. One big dowel, with two holes in it (at the right angles) and a couple of smaller dowels to slide through the holes. One is exactly 2 yards and the other is a weird, smaller sample size. In any case, my dad made them for me when I was a teenager…it’s hard to beat handmade for cost!

Comment by Joanne 01.14.16 @ 12:01 pm

Mine is a plain Jane, but if I was buying, I can certainly see going for the ‘pretty’ one if the price difference were so small!

Comment by Helen 01.14.16 @ 5:12 pm

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