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Tuesday March 03rd 2015, 10:17 pm
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This is going to be hard. I like having that green outside the window, and it will take a few years for the new to fill in the blankness.

It shades the neighbor’s garden and our solar. It needs to be done.

The first time the tree people put us on the schedule, I both had the flu and was passing blood–just not the day to deal with one more thing nor to be around anyone. I’m fine now, and they called asking if tomorrow…?

Nesting season has begun but there are no discernible nests in that tree; that chickadee I saw with the moss was heading to some place beyond the fence, as have all the others as far as I’ve been able to tell.

I will replace it immediately with a dwarf citrus that will never get much higher than the fence, even if we never prune it.

We are also taking out a small volunteer palm whose roots threaten both the garage and the neighbor’s redwood. Out.

Chainsaws in the morning.

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I live in an apartment and have just a small balcony for any plants. Lots of herbs, some lettuce and a dwarf lemon and dwarf kaffir lime. The lemon is about half a metre high and now has three lemons about two inches long. I am looking forward to having them ripen. The lime has no fruit yet, but I can use the leaves in Thai dishes.

I assume you have checked the size of your mango. Any variety of mango down here grows to a huge tree, metres and metres across. Been a good summer for mangos down here, poor last summer.

Comment by Jan 03.03.15 @ 11:40 pm

If the trees could talk, my friend…
The long-timers feel like old friends, for sure, but the newcomers are brand new babies to love and nurture as they take a place in the sun and in your hearts.

Comment by Pam 03.04.15 @ 7:07 am

oh I do love the sound of chainsaws in the morning (grin!)

we’ll be doing some severe pruning of our own at the new house —- can’t believe I actually feel excited by that prospect!!

Comment by Bev Haring 03.04.15 @ 10:33 am

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