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Saturday December 13th 2014, 11:11 pm
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Last night thankfully we decided to stop by home before running one last errand for the day–because when we turned that car off it stayed off and that was that.

Today the Alphonso mango tree showed up at noon as planned, the one thing I had so wanted out of my day and there it was! We immediately planted it in the paper pot up against the house in the alcove of the patio, the most protected spot it could ask for while it recovers from its long truck drive, with walls on three sides while still being outdoors.

Then we were finally ready to call AAA. The tow truck driver determined that the main Prius battery was fine but the 12v that powered the dash and locks, not so much, and jumped it.

How often does one jump-start a Prius. I know.

Now, when you drive a hybrid, the motor turns itself off when you’re idling so as to conserve energy–not such a good idea when you’re trying to recharge a battery, so, Richard asked me, Freeway time! Where do you want to go? Nothing too close!

It was his idea to offer to go to what is my favorite bakery, the one in Burlingame, and we were off. He circled the block, car still on, while I ran in and bought what I wanted, and then off to the Costco in a different town–with me quietly hoping we would run into someone we knew. We did. Old friends. We were so out of context in that place that the guy didn’t think it was really me at first till he saw me talking to her.

The car has been running ever since, my tree is beautiful, I told Dani it was here and he was as thrilled as I was, (the friend from India who knew exactly what the most perfect variety to get was), we Skyped with our sweet grandsons and talked to all our parents and the kids and laughed that,  no, looks like the baby wasn’t going to come today after all. We’ll just have to hope that Parker, too, gets to keep his birthday all to himself next week.

And life is good. And I am aiming for 10:11 12/13/14 to hit post on this. How many birthdays get that as an option?

(Edited: Hah! Never did update that time stamp after the time change. But it really was 10:11…)

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I’m a fellow Prius owner who experienced a similar battery problem. After having the 12V battery jumped several times, it had to be replaced and all is well in my world.

Comment by Chris B 12.14.14 @ 8:49 am

The king of mangoes, I hear. Sounds absolutely wonderful.

I love the prospect of mangoes and actual pastries to tide you over until mangoes ripen.

Comment by RobinM 12.14.14 @ 6:49 pm

The blog update apparently failed; coming to write Sunday night I find that the “new post” function is locked. The resident techie will fix it in the morning. Sorry about that.

Comment by AlisonH 12.14.14 @ 10:14 pm

Yep, also have done the 12V replacement on the Prius and all is well. Though my options to grow mangoes are non-existent – I hope to live vicariously through yours!

Comment by twinsetellen 12.15.14 @ 5:26 pm

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