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Friday October 17th 2014, 10:59 pm
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I got asked about a month ago if I would teach a how-to-knit class at church tonight. Sure!

Come the time to go, I was tired, I was grouchy, mostly over worrying about someone I know who had a brain tumor taken out today (wistfully cheering on Karen’s brother Paul from too many thousands of miles away), and I wasn’t at all sure I was even up to going.

But I went. Boy am I glad I did.

Sue to one side, me to the other, five newbies willing to give it a go and we were off.

I had just said something about different knitting styles but they all make the same thing when Sue happened to walk out of the room and so the woman she’d been sitting next to brought her work over to me: let’s see, is this the right way to hold the yarn?

I laughed. “Sue taught you so I can’t help there at all.”  Then, “Wait, wait, come back here” as we all cracked up.

One person who came in later took immediately to this casting-on stuff, just got it. A natural. But then when I said okay, now here’s how you knit the first row she was astonished: “You mean I wasn’t knitting?!”

“Yes you were knitting, that’s the first part of it.”

She gave it a try but gave it up. I was like, blink. What? But you’re intuitively good at this, I saw! Maybe later, says she…

Meantime, another who had struggled stitch after stitch after stitch trying to remember which way the yarn goes which way the tip goes no not that way oh right–persevered. Kept at it for an hour till she was sure she had it and was making good progress.

I told them that the last time I’d taught a class like this at church, one woman two weeks later came back to me to say she’d made a baby blanket and two hats already.

They looked at me wide-eyed. No no I wasn’t saying they had to do that–but rather, you can get good fast if you keep at it.

Someone else had picked up yarn and needles so I wouldn’t have to run that errand. Which was very kind of her–but after our little group had been working their scratchy-acrylic Red Heart for awhile (really? They still make it like that? I had no idea. I didn’t say that though), I had them fondle my Malabrigo. OOOOooooooohhhhh.

I explained, This is what keeps knitters knitting.

They totally got that.

Wanting to be sure they really did have it and not to lose any progress, three of them proposed on the spot to start a knit night–on, thankfully, Tuesdays, meaning I can go too. The plan is scarves for foster children.

I had a blast. And this is only going to get more fun. I’m so glad I didn’t just throw in the towel and leave it all for Sue to teach alone.

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What is it about Tuesdays? That’s when I have knit night too. I love it when another knitter gets hooked and comes over to “The Dark Side” BWHAAHAAHAA!!!

Comment by Jody 10.18.14 @ 6:43 am

I am so glad that someone else picked up yarn and needles so that the newbies had those provided. I’ve seen newbies who have chosen yarn and needles themselves; sometimes what they’ve chosen looks impossible to knit with.

Glad you showed them Malabrigo. I admire your patience. Go, Alison!

Comment by RobinM 10.18.14 @ 2:11 pm

I truly don’t enjoy the teaching new knitters, nor is it what I do best, but being there for that spark makes it worth it!

Comment by Channon 10.18.14 @ 3:11 pm

I can’t tell you how after over 30 years I’m still grateful to the friend who taught me to knit! How she did it, I don’t know, but she was patient and we had time (exchange students in Sweden have plenty of cold, dark hours after school.) Your new knitters will be appreciative of your patience and instruction, and the “being there.”

Comment by LynnM 10.18.14 @ 3:33 pm

With you at knit night, these knitters will have a hand at their back when they hit those set backs that all new knitters hit and that will keep them moving forward. How lucky they were to schedule when you could come!

Comment by twinsetellen 10.18.14 @ 4:07 pm

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