I will not leave you comfortless
Friday August 29th 2014, 9:26 pm
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I told our kids that I didn’t know what their luggage situation was like and whether they’d rather I mailed it home to them, but either way, if it was alright, I’d made this blanket for Hudson so he too could have a soft cushy one for doing faceplants off the couch into.

My daughter-in-law: “It’s so beautiful!”

(Thank you Malabrigo for the Rios.)

I asked Parker if it was okay to give his brother a soft blankie like his. He gave it a quick looking-over–darker green and a different pattern–and was quite fine with that.

And then it got ignored as sleepy things do while toys got played with and Parker helped me pick apples (don’t forget the scissors to cut the tape around the clamshells) and those apples got sliced and handed around and lunch got eaten and bubbles got blown as little boys danced.

Turns out Hudson had had a bad night being in a strange place and after falling asleep on the plane and having to wake up again after they’d landed and he was tired and so was his mom. She scooped him up to go set him down for a nap.

That toy in his hand just wasn’t enough in that moment. I quickly grabbed the green woolly softness and hunched down to be eye to eye with my 16-month-old grandson.

“Do you want a blankie?”

He gave me the saddest face in the whole wide world and nodded and said, “Uh HUH” and reached out to my outstretched hands, then snuggled his face into it on his mommy’s shoulder, holding it and her tight.

His first sentence to us ever. And with that it was his forever.

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The evidence of a good blankie is that it holds up as long as the child really needs it, but just barely, because it’s been loved so much.

Comment by LauraN 08.29.14 @ 9:52 pm

Of course he wanted a blankie! You are one super smart (and super talented) Grandma! Enjoy your time with them, laugh and dance, my friend!

Comment by Pam 08.30.14 @ 7:18 am

There’s nothing like a grandmother who knows how to bide her time and provide comfort when it’s most needed.

Comment by RobinM 08.30.14 @ 2:55 pm

Grandmas always seem to know just when to give the cuddly blankie. It’s a gift. As are you, dear friend.

Comment by Pegi 08.30.14 @ 8:35 pm

The joy of a well-timed, perfect gift.

Comment by Channon 08.31.14 @ 5:26 am

so sweet. I’m away from home right now and kind of want a blankie myself!

Comment by twinsetellen 09.03.14 @ 9:09 am

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