Mechanical failure
Tuesday April 01st 2014, 8:59 pm
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Okay, I’m being growly surely for the fact that I just did a faceplant at my own front door (oh hello new neighbors across the street coming out just then! Hi!) and I had to ice my wrist for the second time today. I am a klutz. (And the grapes I just bought right before Costco closed turned out to be rotten below the top layer in the large box.  Such a hard life.)

But. The brake warning light came on in the car last night in the dark in the rain and there was only one place that thing was going and that was straight to the mechanic.

And since we’d just had the big 45k mile checkup two thousand miles ago, we took it to the Toyota dealer where that had been done.

Apparently if they’d found something it would have been covered under warranty. Apparently if they had found something our rental car for the day would have been covered too. And I do believe in paying someone for labor done.

But I’m trying to wrap my brain around shelling out $200 to be told they didn’t find anything so they simply reset the warning light and bring it back if it comes on again, ‘k, ‘bye.

And if it comes on again in several months rather than sooner, do I shell that out again?

Does your mechanic charge you if they don’t find anything to fix? My old one didn’t–and I used to argue with him that I owed him for his time.

Well what does that tell me.

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My husband and I have a trusted mechanic who, God bless him, doesn’t,charge for,a,look-see if,he doesn’t,find,anything. But when hubby’s Chevy started acting funny he thought he should bring it back to the dealer’s mechanic since the car was so new. $1,200 later they told us this was wrong and this needed fixing, blah, blah, blah. As we drove the car home from the mechanic it started acting up with the original problem. Many calls later, we feel like Mick Jagger…no satisfaction! Needless to say we will NEVER bring our car to a dealership mechanic!

Comment by Jody 04.02.14 @ 4:34 am

Yikes! That does seem a bit excessive. What is the dealer’s labor rate? How many hours did they spend looking for the cause of the warning light? It might be worthwhile to bring the matter to the Service Mananger’s attention. And, unfortunately, warning lights can sometimes be triggered by “nothing.”

Comment by debbier 04.02.14 @ 10:21 am

I go to a Toyota dealer, too. So now i’ll know what to expect if a warning light comes on, and nothing is wrong. Thanks.

So far, that hasn’t happened thank goodness.

Comment by RobinM 04.02.14 @ 11:48 am

AT least you didn’t have some army dude chasing you down in the parking lot of a psychiatric hospital…just sayin’….

Comment by Sam 04.02.14 @ 4:46 pm

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