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Thursday March 27th 2014, 11:59 pm
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Remember when AOL used to send everybody’s mailboxes Subscribe-Now! CDs? Snailmail spam?

That was about when someone told me that hanging those in my apple tree would keep the birds and squirrels away.  What I found, though, was that they ate the ones furthest from the CDs, then gradually worked their way over closer until there was just an apple or two but the process didn’t take long at all. Scary they were not. Then the last would be gone, too.

As often as not the strings the CDs had been hanging on would be quickly tangled in the limbs anyway, and I gave up on the idea and cut them all down and out of there.

I was snapping a few pictures this evening, trying not to make them look like all the others I’ve already shown you, but this stopped me right there, staring. It couldn’t be.

It was. One of those strings from long ago, with the tree grown around it–it’s embedded clear through the center of a major limb now and out the other side. It’s not very big, so it’s not likely to weaken anything, it’s just there.

And all these years I never saw it before. (!) All these times these past two years where I’ve been observing the growth and changes as close to every day’s sundown as I can manage it, and it had simply taken on the color of the branch it had become part of, had grown a bit stiff in the great outdoors, and was indistinguishable and I didn’t see it till it moved slightly in the breeze in a way a small limb would not.

It had become one with the tree it was stationed to protect.

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Isn’t it funny how the tree will grow right around something like that?! I put a hook into one of my large old trees so I could hang corn cobs for the squirrels and now 30 years later the hook is getting swallowed up into the bark.!

Comment by Jody 03.28.14 @ 3:35 am

Same here had a nylon rope on a branch, for a small swing, still there buried deep in the now much bigger branch.Can you send some spring my way?

Comment by Kris 03.28.14 @ 9:42 am

Amazing. And how fun that you’re just seeing it!!

Comment by Channon 03.28.14 @ 5:05 pm

Lol…we liked to use those AOL discs for skeet. Ahhh…memories!

Comment by Ruth 03.28.14 @ 9:44 pm

Someone just made me a beginner’s spindle using a dowel and one of those disks!

Comment by suburbancorrespondent 04.04.14 @ 8:51 am

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