Tuesday March 18th 2014, 10:16 pm
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First, a side note: Starkpower immediately resolved the battery-shipping issue. Good people.


The alarm was blaring and it was dark and, wrenched half-awake, it took me a moment to figure out what on earth was wrong with that stupid thing. It had no business going off like–oh. Right.

We piled in the car and drove through traffic and across the Bay as the sun rose, and since I wasn’t the one at the wheel I got a good view of a peregrine falcon (!) perched on a light pole at the edge of Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. Saw a red-shouldered hawk on another one. Coming back later, there was a snowy egret near the edge of the tide in the breeding plumage that gives it its name, wings held out just enough that I got to see such a sight for the first time in my life. Glorious.

We made it to the Park and Call at the airport just as she was walking out from her plane, her old college friend happily married off now. I leaped out and grabbed her bag for her and swooped it into the trunk. Um, on the second try because I’m a klutz like that. I got back in behind where I’d been so that she could recline the front seat and give her back a breakĀ  after her flight.

Dropped Richard off at work so I could take her to her doctor appointment later in the morning because, as early as we got up, she got up a whole lot earlier, while jet-lagged, too, not to mention the whole major-pain thing still going on for her.

I was thinking ruefully a few minutes ago that with people coming over tomorrow I didn’t get much done today, much though I wanted to; I’ve been just too tired.

But you know? Actually, I did. A lot.

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You did quite a lot! And got to see birds, too! Yippee! Hope today was a bit more restful.

Comment by DebbieR 03.19.14 @ 9:02 pm

I think you would be unforgettable — your daughter was wise to get you out of the sun!

Comment by Bev 03.20.14 @ 9:55 am

Even before I read that last line, I was thinking you’d done what mattered. And that is a lot.

Comment by twinsetellen 03.20.14 @ 8:28 pm

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