Screening his falls, letting the machine take it
Monday January 06th 2014, 10:30 pm
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The bigger they are the harder they fall. He walked in the door upset with himself.

I thought it made a pretty pattern, actually–quite a useless one, but you look for beauty where you can find it, right? Turn it sideways, see that riff on Van Gogh’s Starry Night? (Says the daughter of an art dealer.)

I told him how glad I was that his Ipad 2 had taken the impact, not him.

Then I went and looked up repair places, giving him a break from dealing with it for a moment. $129.95 plus shipping time and two years’ warranty on the new screen? He uses it for work–you do what you gotta do, but those places are out of state. Anyone local who knows anyone local who’s good, let me know. Thanks.

Meantime, Happy Birthday to my sister Carolyn!

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Wow – you’d think that it being Apple, there’d be a repair place in California. I can ask my brother where they sent my niece’s when it had a similar accident, but it could be local to them and not to you.

Comment by Margo Lynn 01.07.14 @ 4:38 am

I broke my screen (it also took the fall instead of me when I tripped over the dishwasher door) and found a local screen replacer place. I just made sure I put in my location when searching for one. (H says the Stanford Palo Alto area should have several choices for all kinds of screen replacements and you should be able to find reviews on Yelp or Anngie’s List.)

Comment by Barbara S. 01.07.14 @ 9:32 am

Apple asks for half the cost of a new one, I’m told. Found a place via Yelp, thanks–going to try that today.

Comment by AlisonH 01.07.14 @ 10:57 am

I have a friend who says that her laptop saved her life when she was hit by a truck. She’s mentioned it many times: gratitude for the device taking the impact.

On the radio today I heard a discussion of how Apple is planning to change the way they repair iPhones. (Or make screens easier to replace, something like that.) They’re not there yet, reportedly.

Easy to be upset with oneself. I’ve been there too. However, much as I love these devices, they are very easy to break.

This very day I heard an Allison on the radio describing how very much she wanted a gold iPhone and how little time it took her to break it once she got it. (Allison Druin from University of Maryland.)

Hope you get a great repair at a great price without a lot of hassle.

Comment by RobinM 01.07.14 @ 11:17 am

I agree with Margo – I would certainly have thought there would be an Apple repair place in the Bay Area — oh yeah, I forgot — everything is made in China now days — {sigh}

Comment by Bev 01.07.14 @ 11:25 am

Happy birthday to your sister, and I hope it is good as new now.

Comment by Channon 01.07.14 @ 7:28 pm

It is kind of pretty, I agree. A pretty pity.

Comment by twinsetellen 01.07.14 @ 7:52 pm

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