Sunday January 19th 2014, 1:06 am
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Nina’s birthday party. She loved her new silk cowl. We met new and old friends, had a great time…

And coming up our front walkway, Richard heard the beeping of the freezer alarm I made from a Heathkit kit for a college class my senior year at BYU.

Actually, he reminds me, ours was the second one I made, the class assignment one I gave to my folks. Oh right. It had seemed like a good thing to have, and all these years later ours is still working and I imagine theirs is too. He dashed into the garage from the house. (Hey, nobody uses garages to put cars in in California.)

Six hours bounced wide open.

But it actually didn’t appear too terrible. The chicken is now thawing the rest of the way in the fridge and the other things towards the front were berries and the like that could refreeze safely.

But Nina loved her cowl. Which balanced things nicely.

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Freezer alarm?! I wish I had one last November! My husband went to the basement freezer to see if we had cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert (yeah, we don’t stick to the traditional stuff around here) . He was greeted with the most HORRENDOUS odor when he opened the door. Not only was there no cheesecake, there was not lasagna, chicken, or broccoli! EEEEWWW! Good thing we were low on backup food.

Comment by Jody 01.19.14 @ 6:14 am

your comment about keeping cars in garages made me laugh out loud! apparently we lived in California too long — no cars in our garage here in Colorado either — just the 32 boxes of Christmas decorations, the DH’s wood shop, and yes, our freezer (which I’m in and out of at least every other day, so I never thought about needing an alarm — something to consider!)

Comment by Bev 01.19.14 @ 10:25 am

Oh, the memories! Heathkits! I guess today’s equivalent is the Raspberry Pi ( I wonder if they have plans for a freezer alarm. 🙂

Comment by twinsetellen 01.19.14 @ 8:32 pm

We parked in our garage in San Jose on several occasions! Here in Utah, we park in our garage all the time. Sometimes it seems so weird to bring something so dirty into the house.

Comment by LauraN 01.19.14 @ 10:18 pm

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