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Friday December 06th 2013, 12:17 am
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A whole lot of living packed into one day. You see that picture? It did not rain today.

Diana was my excuse to make split pea soup, thick in veggies and ham and warm goodness for lunch on a bitterly cold day. She came by with her square and to get the scarf, since the two squares that were to come to her place didn’t arrive in the mail till after she got home so we couldn’t put all three on together after all. It’s okay, she’s got them now and is sending the scarf right out to the next group of knitters in the morning.

We had a great time. We hadn’t seen each other in far too long. We vowed not to let that kind of time lapse happen again. She raved over the soup, over walking into the house with the smell of it cooking, over sharing a good meal with us (Richard’s on vacation.) For me it was a rare treat too because I can only eat small quantities of it at a time; it’s not a low-fiber food, and to have her enjoy it so much and to get to enjoy her so much added so much to my day.

Then she had an appointment at 2:00 and I had one to go visit Don.

Don gives his thanks for all the well wishes sent his way. He loves to tell a good story as much as the next blogger and was a little discouraged that it made him breathless for a moment to talk very long. Been there… I understand…but he did manage to tell me more about his beloved late Amalie. I hope I didn’t stay too long, but we were both very glad I’d come. And I gotta tell you, he looked a whole lot more chipper than his roommate. He’s trying to get it set up so that he can read his email where he’s staying. He’s a trooper.

Coming home, cleaning up a bit, I went outside a moment to toss something in the recycling bin–and did a doubletake. Wait–when did it rain? I know water pools on the flat part of the roof, but. Richard? Did a pipe burst? (It was 29, five degrees warmer than Anchorage, Alaska and on its way down when we went to bed last night. And yet we forgot to leave the kitchen tap dripping. You always, always…)

He groaned. He got up and went out there (brrr) and looked–and came back in and said, Call a plumber. Try Joe and see if he does that kind of work, but, call a plumber.

And of course it was 5:04, ie officially after hours now but oh well. We had a full-blown waterfall at the downspout.

Joe didn’t pick up right away, the next guy was swamped, the next guy was, too–but he threw me for a millisecond by saying something about our solar re those pipes.

I was delighted, and then so was he. This was a guy who came out for a job for me maybe as long as two years ago, where his equipment wasn’t quite long enough to help me so he refused to charge me for coming out. Even though he’d given me valuable, helpful information along the way. So I knitted a hat and mailed it off to the address I found for his business. He chuckled when I exclaimed that he remembered us just from seeing our phone number show up!? Cool.

And finally we got someone we’d never hired before but who–give him a minute to call right back–yes, he could come right out. (I could just picture him explaining to his kids that it would be bonus Christmas money if they didn’t mind his being late for dinner, and people needed his help.)

Yes please.

Very nice guy, very thorough as he checked for possible second leaks in the dark and the wet and the cold with his headlamp and flashlight. He mentioned that the people who had installed the water lines (this would be the same ones as did the heating work Joe just replaced) had not done a good job of it.

Were we surprised? Still, though, we’re the ones who forgot to let the tap drip during the freeze, so, hey.

And then I went off to Purlescence. Where I got to meet Carrie of Alpenglow Yarn, owner of a small mill. I loved that her Big Fat ball bands tell you the names of the individual alpacas, and Paul Cezanne and Mozart? My dad’s influence and my mom’s. Perfect.

And. Always another and. I finally remembered to run in the ends and drop off the long-awaiting hat at the Halos of Hope box for chemo caps for those in underserved areas. The yarn had come from a swap at the shop: freely given, freely given back.

The funky design? I could just picture a newly bald someone missing the familiar feel of the bounce of her ponytail at the back of her head, so I braided the last of the yarn in the ball, braided the braids, and ran the ends in by sewing the braids together for good measure.

Cezanne and Mozart will help me knit another soft warm hat.

I think, hopefully, tomorrow will be a day for simply putting my feet up, sitting still, eating a bit of leftover soup, catching my breath, needing no contractors however nice people they may be…and knitting. Got that big deadline coming up, y’know? *collapse*

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Hope you get that wish to sit still today. Thanks for the update about Don.

Comment by LynnM 12.06.13 @ 2:38 am

As always, I love to hear about your knitting and the recipients! I love the yarn in the chemo hat — good choice! Just a thought, though: without hair to anchor it, a hat doesn’t stay where you put it. So the lovely hat a friend knitted for me that features a crocheted flower that’s supposed to be on the front but ends up in strange places without my being aware that it’s shifted. Another hat with a large pom-pom simply fell off from being top-heavy, despite the fact that it’s quite snug. (I tried making the pom-pom smaller and it still flopped off, so I snipped it off altogether.)
I’ve lost my hair to chemo twice — may lose it again with new chemo — it’s certainly not growing. My fingers are crossed because this time the weather is cold!
Carol in MA

Comment by carol telsey 12.06.13 @ 6:35 am

Boo for the pipes. Yay for good plumbers. Yay for getting to see Don. Yay for friends and yarn!

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 12.06.13 @ 7:59 am

wow — you did have a big day! the soup sounds wonderful (I love split pea soup too)

we’re leaving the cabinets under our sinks open and have kicked up the heat — we don’t want to have to call for a plumber here (it’s -6 as I write this at 9:15 a.m.)

I do love that hat with the pony tail — what a great idea!

Comment by Bev 12.06.13 @ 9:09 am

It seems that the colder the climate I’ve lived in, the less I’ve had to worry about burst pipes (or cockroaches, for that matter!).

thanks for the Don update – he is a good one.

Comment by twinsetellen 12.06.13 @ 4:40 pm

Yikes. So glad it all worked out.

Comment by Channon 12.07.13 @ 4:54 am

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