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Friday September 27th 2013, 11:49 pm
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New photos from the kids today. Nobody can get as big a grin from Hudson as Kim can.

Wound off a 150 gram cone of merino fine laceweight oh, ages ago, and dyed it purple.

It felted. Thousands and thousands of little tiny woolen velcro-y snag points and I should have expected that but but. I was hoping it wouldn’t be that bad; it was.

It went into the stash, where I pulled it out every now and then and admired the heathery color and always ended up putting it back.

Today it somehow finally jumped out at me and of all the things I could be doing, demanded to be wound up. Now. *Carefully. For two long what-was-I-thinking, wow-this-is-pretty-stuff hours. There was a little silk in it too, and the winding was bringing out the sheen.

Y’know though, thought I, for this amount of time I could drive up to Cottage Yarns, buy their Malabrigo baby alpaca/silk laceweight for ten-something a skein in that colour, bring it home, wind it up easily, and get a good start on the actual knitting.

And yet this was here. I mentally chucked it at Purlescence’s yarn swap tomorrow but it refused to go. I kept at it.

I finished the thing. (Almost. It snagged and broke in two places with maybe ten yards to go and I looked at that last little bit defying my good will and Yes I did.)

I spent the evening swatching ideas with something else altogether, determined to get a pattern past the almost-perfect and feeling a little stuck in Edison’s 99% perspiration mode. But I’m definitely closer.

We ate the second Fuji apple. It confirmed for me that the first one really was that good. Apples were not my most favorite fruit, but I’m rethinking that for the moment.


*When you wind wool by hand, always run it over one or more fingers holding the ball as you go so that it isn’t pulled taut. This keeps it from stretching out.

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I recently had an “Alison” moment. I was plugging along on a scarf I wanted to knit with a pretty lilac merino and kept having to tink back the mistakes in the lace pattern which I had knit many times before without a problem. Then it suddenly occurred to me! This yarn doesn’t want to be this scarf! It wants to be that cowl!!! And I breezed through that cowl pattern! I love those happy baby faces, btw.

Comment by Jody 09.28.13 @ 4:15 am

Interesting. Purple is the color of the day? I picked up a sport weight alpaca/silk/cashmere hank in purple this morning, found its pattern… but the orange/squash skinny cotton wants to be a cowl RIGHT NOW. I hope this means my knitting mojo is back!

Comment by Channon 09.28.13 @ 7:19 am

Purple is good. What is it going to be?

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 09.28.13 @ 8:24 am

Stubborn wool!
Parker is really getting along there, and Hudson is adorable!

Comment by Donald Meyer 09.28.13 @ 10:28 am

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