But the local yarn store is still there
Tuesday June 18th 2013, 10:08 pm
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Got my semi-annual Prolia shot, got the usual instructions to please wait 20 minutes to make sure there’s no reaction to the med. Did I want to wait here in the exam room or out there?

Oh hey, out there. And I have a whole lot of yarn: waiting, not a problem.

While I sat in the reception area, someone else pulled out her knitting, too, a soft, fuzzy and I’d guess handpainted yarn. Kid mohair most likely, quite pretty.  We talked shop a moment.

She asked about my project, and I described the top-down circular shawl it was going to be when it grew up, not a closed circle but (and I drew it in the air with my hands. A bagel with a slice taken out.)

She asked, very much wishing, “Oh. Where do you *find* patterns like that?”

(Bwahaahaa.) “My book,” I grinned, wishing I had a copy with me, but today just hadn’t been a day for carrying extra weight on that shoulder. (Oh look, Amazon’s not asking hundreds for a copy today. It bounces around now that it’s out of print.)

That led to, “Purlescence? Where’s that?”

“Well, across the street from where the Sunnyvale Trader Joe’s used to be, in the same strip mall as McWhorter’s used to be, and the Lace Museum used to be at the other end.”

She laughed.

She’ll find it.

(An aside: I’m healing far faster than I have any right to expect from yesterday’s backflip. Thank you for your kind words, everybody.)

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It was never your calling to be a circus performer. I’m glad you are recovering from that brief attempt. It reminds me of what my mom goes through to keep my dad off the roof. “It’s the lower half of a split level and it would take me five minutes to fix that leak.” “You’re nearly 80. Let it leak til we get someone else up there.”

Comment by LauraN 06.19.13 @ 7:07 am

Bwahaahaa indeed!!! I so know the feeling — sort of like when I’m wearing a piece of my jewelry and have someone ask where they can get one — it’s how I end up selling the stuff right off of me!

Comment by bev 06.19.13 @ 8:15 am

LauraN is right! No acrobatics! Glad you’re healing.

But never pass up the opportunity to sell one of your books! It’s sorta like yesterday when the termite inspector came in to have me sign off, and I just HAD to show him the finger monkeys, which led to my giving him my blog address.

Comment by Donald Meyer 06.19.13 @ 8:40 am

I recommend “the book” all the time–too bad it is OOP. I am glad you are healing–just remember, a trapeze artist you ain’t.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 06.19.13 @ 9:28 am

When I moved to this city and a brand new job, my coworkers would try to tell me where to find places….”it’s where the old savings and loan used to be…..or, it’s across the street from the old Shell station.” Now that I’ve been here 28 years, it’s fun to realize how much of the “old” I know now.

Comment by DebbieR 06.21.13 @ 8:01 am

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