Um, whoops
Sunday April 14th 2013, 10:11 pm
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The audiologist wanted me to do a good comparison of the new vs the old aids, so yesterday I was back to a quieter world, but today I didn’t want to miss a thing. New it was.

The Relief Society (the women’s organization at church) lesson was just starting, and the woman picked up a red marker to write a point on the white board.

It took me so very much by surprise that I suddenly realized I’d said it out loud hopefully not too loud, “You can actually HEAR that?!” I knew from my childhood that chalks squeak, but dry erase markers?!

And then sank into my seat half covering my face like a little kid in class, silently going ohmygosh. I can’t believe I said that.

It enhances the embarrassment that I heard me better, too, as I said it.

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I love this! You know that this happens to all of us lots of times, right? 🙂

Comment by Kelli King 04.15.13 @ 12:23 am

Giggle… I stole “Did I say that out loud?” from a friend…

Comment by Channon 04.15.13 @ 6:22 am

It’s amazing what you can hear when you Listen. And I’m not talking about people with hearing impairments and hearing aids!

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 04.15.13 @ 6:49 am

Thanks so much for sharing your discoveries and delight, even when (or especially when 😉 it embarasses you! You help me keep from taking the small things in life for granted!
Please don’t be offended by my comparison: one of the biggest pleasures in life is walking my dog every day. Even though we’ve gone around the same blocks and paths for her 14 years and she no longer hears, the world is new to her every time. See that dry leaf? It wasn’t there this morining! Oooh, that plastic bag waving in the breeze scares me! What a great new smell over here! I feel something moving around under that pile of leaves! Lemme dig it out!
Please keep sharing!
With hugs, Carol in MA

I remember my mom’s embarrassment at my being so verbally excited when I realized I could see individual leaves on trees. We were on the bus on the way home from the optometrists’ with my first glasses. I was in 5th grade.
Keep your discoveries coming!

Comment by Carol Telsey 04.15.13 @ 7:17 am

Loved Carol’s comment, too! Share your miracles!

Comment by LynnM 04.15.13 @ 7:29 am

This will make your family life better too. My husband’s hearing aids make my life easier.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 04.15.13 @ 7:47 am

Pardon me, but I think that’s funny. Hey! You’re allowed! Your very own ‘Eureka!’ moment. And Lynn has it right. Miracles can be shared.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.15.13 @ 8:55 am

Don’t be embarrassed! You did us all a great service to be reminded not to take what we do hear for granted. I now have A MUCH BETTER feel for how you’ve spent the past many years. I learned that hearing aids don’t automatically mean one is returned to ‘normal’ hearing.
Thank you!

Comment by Susan 04.15.13 @ 1:02 pm

Yay … for all the little noises you can hear! (Reminds me of the mobile phone commercial … “can you hear me now?”)

Comment by Anne 04.15.13 @ 3:17 pm

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