Can you ear me now?
Tuesday April 09th 2013, 11:30 pm
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The phone rang: Were we all home? Would we like to Skype and see Hudson?

And how! It was a race for the monitor.

Big hands like his daddy, thick full black hair like his Uncle John had had at birth, oh so gorgeous like his mom. Beautiful. More pictures coming.

Which makes everything else sound so very trivial, but here goes: Michelle did buy the car yesterday, a Civic coupe, her father leaving work early to drive to Dublin with her for it. He came home going, wow, that was the most laid-back dealership I have ever seen, and I went, yes, isn’t it?

We all piled in after she got home from work tonight to admire it and check out little details we’d missed–oh, did you know it does this? Look at where all those airbags are, how big that trunk is. I wondered how I’d missed that it had a sunroof?

She started grinning and suddenly the consensus was, time for a joyride! Let’s go get chocolate! And so we not only did, we discovered a new dairy-free (do you know how hard it is to find those?) dark mint chocolate that was very good. Equal Exchange Chocolates. And Green and Black’s had taken her very favorite Maya Gold that they’d changed to dairy contaminated and in the latest shipment they’d taken the dairy back out again. She had checked every time she went to Whole Foods, where the allergics shop, hoping that hoping would somehow get them to change it back so she could enjoy them again. The packaging was a little different: could it be? (Reading the new label…) YES!!! There was a little dance in the chocolate aisle. Thank you Green and Blacks for celebrating with us!


Today I was finally at the audiologist’s to try out the long-talked-about new hearing aids that had been about to come on the market and are finally out. For the last three months I’ve been afraid the whole idea was a fool’s errand and quite an expensive one;  four years ago I’d bought the very best and the very newest, the top of the line, and surely not much had changed in that short a time.

Then John Miles put the new ones in and fiddled with his equipment awhile.

And turned them on.

And the moment he started talking I nearly burst into tears. It was that different.

He asked for my cellphone and synced it to the new bluetooth and then asked for the number.

I heard it ring.

This doesn’t happen.

I heard it ring! From not right up against my ear and on speakerphone but down the counter from me in regular mode!

He walked out of the room and talked via my cellphone and his landline where the bluetooth-induced time lag wouldn’t be an echo problem. (All these things I’m learning that I never had to know about before because they just didn’t apply to me.) Again, listening, I was stunned.

He cautioned me that I would likely still have problems with women’s voices on the phone, higher pitches being a problem, and my reaction was that hey, compared to what I’ve had? Which on a cellphone is nothing? I love my Iphone but it’s been text only, and on a landline I couldn’t hear people who were talking into a cellphone.

He explained that there is a theory that you hear better if both ears are hearing at the same level, and so the two aids cannot be made individually louder or softer. No more turning down the ear next to Richard when he’s sitting next to me at our side-by-side monitors and calling towards Michelle in the kitchen. “I married the loudest man I could find,” I told John, and he managed not to die laughing on the floor but simply looked me in the eye with a suppressed impish grin as he answered, “Yes. Yes you did.” (Well, and he’s been married to me for a long time. This has not made him more soft spoken.)

So. Both ears at same volume and can’t change that. Tap the right one to make them both go louder, tap the left for quieter, or tap the volume on the bluetooth receiver necklace thingummy, which will pick up the cellphone from up to thirty feet away.

Tucking my hair behind my right ear somehow made it go louder a couple of times. I think. I don’t always hear the beep that signals the change, it depends on the ambient noise.

I cannot tell you the depth of the sense of reprieve it gives me to be hearing things that had been lost to me. They were gone from me forever and now they’re not.

By Federal law there’s a 30-day tryout period. But I am never ever going back.

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And now you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sounds of laughter from those precious grandsons of yours!

Comment by Jody 04.10.13 @ 4:47 am

Hot dog!

(can you hear barking?)

Comment by Afton 04.10.13 @ 5:11 am

Good news makes good folks happy.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 04.10.13 @ 6:54 am

whoooo hooooo! (can you hear me from here!?) I so love that technology is making your life better

Comment by bev 04.10.13 @ 8:48 am

Ooh, how awesome! It’s about time the tech revolution reached hearing aids.

Comment by RobinH 04.10.13 @ 10:35 am

Oh wow! What an awesome day for all of you! I am so thrilled for your new hearing aids. Miracles of modern technology.

Comment by DebbieR 04.10.13 @ 10:45 am

Wonderful day for you all! (If I had your number, I’d call just so you – just cause.)

Comment by Anne 04.10.13 @ 12:05 pm

Wonderful day for you all! (If I had your number, I’d call just so you – just so I can share your joy.)

Comment by Anne 04.10.13 @ 12:06 pm

Congratulations,congratulations, congratulations!
1) on grandson named Hudson
2) on Michelle’s new to her car – hope the sunroof isn’t a problem with her lupus. Lovely that Dad could help out with picking-up the car.
3) modern technology upping the hearing game. In the words of one techo husband, that maybe the same as in your neck of the woods, ‘technology changes so fast you may not be able to keep up’. My audiologist warned me about the quick improvements in hearing aids, so never say never!

Comment by StellaMM 04.10.13 @ 3:01 pm

Tears of joy for you here Alison. And none of that is trivial :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 04.10.13 @ 7:44 pm

Woo Hoo! it “sounds” like you had a wonderful day full of wonderful happenings. Congrats on all fronts! Looking forward to pictures.

Comment by Greta 04.11.13 @ 3:48 am

That is the best news ever! So glad you can hear better with the new technology! 🙂

Comment by karen 04.11.13 @ 6:35 am

I understand in a small way: I have Sjogren’s which means dry mucous membranes. For 20+ years my eyes felt like they had sand in them all the time. Eye drops helped for about 20 minutes. A few years ago I had the lower inner puncta (drains) cauterized closed. Afterwards I sat in the parking lot and cried tears of relief that my eyes felt so much better and because I had could!

Comment by Carol Telsey 04.11.13 @ 8:53 am

How on earth did I miss your blog yesterday? Such a treasure trove of good (spelled f a n t a s t i c) news! I think Stella pretty much covered it, Gramma.New (For Michelle) car, new grandchild, new hearing, new chocolate! Wow! Congratulations on all fronts.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.11.13 @ 10:02 am

Oh, wonderful! wonderful, wonderful! I am so very happy for you.

Comment by twinsetellen 04.11.13 @ 7:01 pm

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