Monday April 15th 2013, 10:24 pm
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Today we celebrate our oldest: Happy Birthday, Sam! It snowed that day; today there was so much wind that I wondered, looking up through a skylight, whether a limb or two on that big tree might come down. (It held.) A finch leaving my feeder suddenly got thrown far sideways in the gust but recovered and made it to the safety of the trees to ride out the worst with some of its flock.

My cousin Tina had kids visiting and they decided that maybe watching the marathon with three grandkids in tow under age four would not be the best idea after all and so they went to the JFK library instead, figuring they would have it all to themselves while everybody else was at the race.

Which they pretty much did.

They left at 2:40. By the time they got home it was clear they needed to turn on the TV…

Ezra Klein wrote a beautiful, moving tribute from the point of view of a marathoner’s husband celebrating the cheering crowds and the history and the runners and the rescuers here. I highly recommend it.

We had recall work and then, it turned out, major warranty stuff as well being done on our car, and there came a phone call saying that a rental car was covered with that warranty. The Prius was going to be staying there for a few days.

The dealership that used to drive me nuts, this afternoon, sales and service people alike on the floor wanted only to make life easier for every single person who walked in those doors. There was a genuineness, a quietly shared vulnerability, a need to reach out. Sit, sit, (while I waited for the rental to be delivered) may we…  I don’t drink coffee or tea, and they were keenly disappointed not to be able to give me that small gesture, wanting to be able to Do Something; I regret not having asked for a simple cup of water, for their sakes’ and my own.

Note all the runners and first responders and average people alike who ran TO the fire and the smoke in the bombings today, their need to help others instinctively and instantly more important than their very lives. That, that is who we are as Americans and as human beings and we will never forget those who by doing so ran against the force of the wind to rescue us all.

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God bless every one of them who were there, and all who are affected.

Comment by Pegi 04.16.13 @ 4:19 am

My heart and prayers go out to those affected by the tragedy.

Comment by Jody 04.16.13 @ 4:30 am

Thank you. I am using the Klein column, tomorrow morning, as I go Visiting Teaching.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 04.16.13 @ 8:52 am

It is amazing how tragedy unites us. Happens every time.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.16.13 @ 9:09 am

once again we see the heros — I hope that this proves to be the work of a “home grown” whacko —

Comment by bev 04.16.13 @ 9:16 am

Thank you. The first responders want so little, but appreciation is … appreciated.

Comment by Channon 04.17.13 @ 8:49 am

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