A dressing, down
Sunday March 24th 2013, 10:10 pm
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Every now and then I learn something new and what to do/avoid/change related to the ileostomy of four years ago.

Saturday I did not realize I’d somehow gotten a little of the adhesive that’s not supposed to come off but did on my finger–and then in my hair. Bubblegummish. How did that…?!

I tried what I knew how to do, and then Richard got some medical adhesive remover that he had. My alcohol pads had done nothing but the little squares of reeky whatever-it-was of his melted the stuff right out of there–and it suddenly hit me and I looked up and asked him as I patted around the top of my forehead, “That didn’t take out my hair, too, did it?”

He looked at me wide-eyed a moment and then thought out loud, “No. It doesn’t take the hair off my arm when I’ve had to use it, it should be fine.”

And then I tried to wash the citrus oils that were in it out. And the stink. Tried again. It helped some but far from enough, but at least I think he was right about the hair. I later ran my head under the kitchen sink on impulse briefly to try one more time to get away from that smell.

I set the time for the alarm last night a little early so I could shampoo it a good one in the morning and be done with it. I would have done it then, but I was knitting every last row of baby blanket I could before bed.

Forgot to set the actual alarm. Richard was staying home with a cold so his was off.

And so it was that I had to run to church at the last moment with weird-stinky, oily, total bedhead. At least the extra sleep would diminish the chances of my catching his cold.

And guess who showed up. Old friends whose baby is a senior in high school now, wow! Look who’s here! They happened to be visiting from Oregon and it was so wonderful to see them. I was completely in the moment as we caught up a bit: how are you, how are the kids, and I told their daughter who didn’t remember me, “Welcome home!” She grinned back shyly, holding her mom’s hand and twisting halfway behind her as she considered the thought. The oldest towered over us. Who knew.

And I came home and looked in the mirror.

Oh my. A lot worse than I thought.

What a blessing it is that our inability to see our own faces when we’re out and about helps us forget and get over ourselves sometimes when we need it.

(And then I took that shower. Only a whiff of orange since.)

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you probably benefited from both the extra sleep and the visit with old friends!

I’ve had a few days when it was right just to put on a hat

Comment by bev 03.25.13 @ 7:39 am

Well, you needed a shampoo, anyway. And please, don’t catch cold.

Comment by Don Meyer 03.25.13 @ 9:29 am

The family joke around here is for four generations the women won’t even go to the mailbox without a little lipstick and mascara! You never know if you’ll bump into an old flame and you want to make him regret ever letting you go! LOL! I’m slowly getting over that motto, bit by bit.

Comment by Jody 03.25.13 @ 9:40 am

Oil. Right. That’s why they used peanut butter to get chewing gum out of little kids’ hair? Of course, then you have to wash their hair. Or, as noted by others, put a hat on the kid. (To be honest, I bet the little one didn’t notice anything strange. And citrus scent isn’t so bad.)

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 03.25.13 @ 2:19 pm

Giggle… if it helped ward off the cold, all’s well that ends well?

Comment by Channon 03.26.13 @ 8:11 am

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