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Friday January 04th 2013, 12:16 am
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Milk Pail‘s fresh almond paste has a higher almond and lower sugar content than the stuff in tubes elsewhere; amount will be random, but aim for the .5 to .7 lb range slab. Cut it up a bit and Cuisinart it with 2/3, or, if you like it sweeter, 3/4 c sugar, 3 eggs, 1 tsp almond extract, long and hard, then add in 1/4 c flour (of the type of your choice, I imagine, though with Sam gone home I just used plain old plain old) mixed with a tsp of baking powder. 8″ springform pan 35 min at 350. A near-instant recipe.

Michelle wheedled and threw Bambi eyes at me when I got home from Purlescence tonight and then pounced the moment it was cool enough to unlock the pan. No added fats, unlike the original Fanny Farmer version. Eggs and almonds and no allergic reactions, hey, guys, save some for breakfast.

And while I was at knit night…

Nathania got everybody’s attention: Pamela had had an idea and they’d thought it was a great one. Since the shop had moved into its bigger space (in the same shopping center), they’d had this big white bare wall. Purlescence has always tried to offer a sense of community to all who love to work with yarn as they do; Pamela’s idea was that we could all pitch in and create a community wall of–knitting, weaving, crocheting, tatting, you name it. Square, round, funky, big, little, Nathania asked, whatever appealed to you: like some of the get-well afghans out there (boy did I feel proud and happy and blessed by so many friends and lucky all over again as she said that) and then they would move the furniture out of the way of our knitting-group area and sit and piece together whatever comes in the door with this idea. Put a piece of yourself up on display with everybody else’s. Let’s make ourselves a giant wallhanging, a permanent display of who we are in our community.

My one request, she continued, is that it be purple. Your purple, or your purple (gesturing to one person, then another) or yours, or mine, whatever appeals to you and whatever you define as purple.

And it needs to be done by Stitches.

There are several celiacs in that knitting group. Maybe I could make some almond cakes with Bob’s Red Mill safely non-wheat flour to help celebrate when this big project is done. Pass the purple blackberry/raspberry sauce and dig in!

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Purple! Now wouldn’t you know it, it’s purple day at work in honor of one of our own that is fighting pancreatic cancer. Everyone is chipping in money for the “honor” of wearing purple. I dropped my contribution in the front office this morning. They told me they didn’t have change and I said I knew that. I wasn’t expecting any change.

Sometimes it is good you find what you “forgot” in the back of your wallet. I knew where it needed to go.

Comment by Afton 01.04.13 @ 5:57 am

What a fun project! Will we get to see it when it is done?

And of course, your idea for the celebration cake(s) is spot-on!

Comment by Channon 01.04.13 @ 7:24 am

I was going to ask, “Why purple?”, but Afton answered that for me.

Comment by Don Meyer 01.04.13 @ 9:59 am

the almond cakes sound great! (my daughter loves marzipan, she’d probably like that too)

I like nothing better than to hang something I’ve made in a public place — will you show us what you add to the display?

Comment by bev 01.04.13 @ 10:06 am

Yum! I’m going to have to make that cake. And I hope to add a bit to Purlescence’s community wall. While they aren’t quite my “local” yarn store, they are worth the 80-mile drive. And purple is a neutral as far as I’m concerned. It goes with everything.

Comment by DebbieR 01.04.13 @ 10:45 am

My stomach is growling!

Comment by twinsetellen 01.04.13 @ 6:24 pm

What a great idea! I hope they post pictures so we can “aaaaaah” at the variations. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 01.04.13 @ 6:54 pm

Yes, purple is the color for pancreatic cancer support. However, the Purlescence crew are all about purple. Yes, there are a million other colors in the world, but the girls know everyone’s preferred shades of purple.

There have even been packages sent to them with the misheard company name: Purplescence.

The only thing that cannot go into the wall is angora because all the Purl Girls are allergic to it! Take a picture of yourself with your contribution and send it in.

Can’t wait to try your almond cake, Allison!

Comment by Kathy in San Jose 01.06.13 @ 9:14 am

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