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Monday January 28th 2013, 9:33 pm
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“In 2001, the Faustman Lab reversed type 1 diabetes in mice with end-stage disease, a project that is now in human clinical trials.” That really got my attention: there is so much research that never succeeds that far. They hope to expand their findings to other autoimmune diseases, lupus and Crohn’s specifically mentioned. Hey!

My cousin Heidi was diagnosed four years ago, out of the blue, with Type 1 diabetes, the autoimmune version of the disease, and her husband’s employer donated an Ipad Mini for her to raffle off towards raising funding for that lab. The link goes to her blog post about it. Heidi asks that people donate directly to the lab, no middleman on her part, three bucks per chance, you get the tax write-off, and then come tell her to be entered in the raffle (and to honor the legalities of it, there’s a no-money option).

And just for fun, in addition to changing the world for the better, someone gets that Mini. You can name it Cooper.

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Faustman Lab: They’ve passed the phase I study (shows that you can give it to people safely), they have funding for phase II and are waiting for FDA approval to start that part. If you go to their site, they have papers published last year. Some of the Type I people in the Phase I showed signs their beta cells came back – c-peptide appearing on ultra-sensitive assays.

I’m waiting to hear if I’m a test subject for Phase II.

Comment by Patience 01.29.13 @ 5:03 am

Ha! Cooper. Love it. My iPad doesn’t have a name. Nook made me name that while registering, but the iPad is just “mine, the 2” vs. “yours, the heavy original” (belongs to the Knight).

Should I win, I will call it Cooper!

Comment by Channon 01.29.13 @ 8:03 am

naming my electronics? hmmm, I’m falling way behind, my car doesn’t even have a name!!

Comment by bev 01.29.13 @ 10:27 am

My pleasure to make a small contribution.

Comment by Don Meyer 01.29.13 @ 10:44 am

Thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it.

Comment by Heidithewiz 01.29.13 @ 2:55 pm

Yes, I am actually still in this phase now. I have been told for the last 6 months that I was a type 2 diabetic. My bg levels kept climbing and it took me going to an endocrinologist to hear that it isn’t my lack of carb counting and exercise. I just got my c-peptide test back a week ago. It was 45.5 if that’s the right number. My doctor wrote a note with the results saying that it is a strong indication of type 1 because a normal range for a women age 20-25 is .2 to 1. He said that I need to continue the 10 units of lantus at bedtime and monitor my bg levels closely. I am not sure how long I’ve got before injections all the time but I hope I got a least a little while longer ( need to deal with my fear of needles) .

Comment by Grant Willis 02.05.13 @ 7:34 am

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