Tuesday January 08th 2013, 11:52 pm
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Did you see the multi-color igloo made from water-refilled milk bottles left out to freeze in the cold? Great fun. All that food coloring is going to make for some great Easter grass in the spring. Ironic that the guy’s name is Gray.

Meantime, a box arrived today with its label on upside down. The UPS guy carefully set it this end up, leaning against the window, up-rooted inside, rang the doorbell and was nearly to his truck when I got to the door and saw what it was. “THANK you!”

He turned, surprised, and waved. (New guy on the route.)

I waited and waited for the sun to get lower so I could go out there. I pushed it a little more than I should have, but I so wanted to go see if I could do this. By myself.

Three holes got dug in the good soil of the raised bed left behind by the long-ago previous owners, better gardeners than I. With apologies to the neighbors who were hoping to have branches on their sides of the fence–these were better spots. I didn’t put the peach trees in quite yet because I wanted to give Richard a chance to go over placement if he wanted.

It wasn’t till later that I moved just slightly so and my back suddenly gave me what-for for all that spading. Oh, now you’re complaining?

And I don’t care. I iced it. I get to grow my own peaches forever after, Tropic Snow for June, Babcock for July, August Pride to finish off the summer with. How cool is that?! What on, well, earth did I wait so many years for?

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So glad you’ll have your peaches…little globes of sunshine growing on trees, all summer long…go Alison!

Comment by Pam 01.09.13 @ 5:14 am

I’m so happy for you! I hope my three little apples produce more than a pie’s worth this year. (I would have had more, but that pesky wind storm in late June knocked all the fruit off the Granny Smith.) Looking forward to some peachy posts coming up!

Comment by Debbi 01.09.13 @ 5:42 am

Congrats on the new trees! I can’t even fathom planting anything outdoors for another….4-5 months.

Comment by wildknits 01.09.13 @ 6:26 am

Enjoy! I hope this morning your back has settled back down.

Comment by Chan 01.09.13 @ 7:13 am

we had a neighbour once that had a peach tree – quite hardy for up here in Canada, but it was glorious! They were so generous – “come over anytime and take what you want” (turns out they weren’t that fond of peaches, but loved the look of the tree!). We did. as often as possible. Peach pie is still my favourite…

Comment by Sandra 01.09.13 @ 8:43 am

What a peachy idea! Sounds delicious. Any time I’ve checked them at the supermarket, they’ve been hard as rocks. I presume you’ll let yours properly ripen.

Comment by Don Meyer 01.09.13 @ 10:07 am

Love the rainbow igloo. How cool! (Can’t resist) And I might have to check out more fruit trees….yum! Oh, and the yarn is on its way.

Comment by DebbieR 01.09.13 @ 10:33 am

Yay! May you enjoy the fruits of your labor for many, many, many years! 🙂

Comment by Anne 01.09.13 @ 10:38 am

Oh, how yummy! Home grown peaches – my favorite fruit of all! And that igloo is way beyond cool. Heh.

Comment by Pegi 01.09.13 @ 6:20 pm

We have an ornamental peach tree here in virginia that is absolutely gorgeous when it blooms, but produces nasty, stonelike peaches that fall on the ground and mess up the mower. The tree is old and was starting to die, so we decided it was putting too much energy into worthless fruit. Now, every year after it blossoms, we pluck the spent blossoms before they can become fruit. We call it “depeche-ing”.

Comment by LauraN 01.10.13 @ 7:34 am

I can taste them now (and also feel the twinges in the back, but they are worth it!).

Comment by twinsetellen 01.10.13 @ 9:42 pm

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