Tuesday November 06th 2012, 12:00 am
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Poring over the sample ballots together. Not quite always agreeing but being agreeable.

Sunday, the California Supreme Court declared 7-0 that under California law re its ballot propositions, the big donors to the anti-union and anti-tax-the-rich measures had to be disclosed. And so today they were.

Is anyone surprised that the Koch brothers were some of the ones hiding behind there? With Karl Rove’s friends in there. What’s really interesting to me is that the state officials were talking about a potential money-laundering charge, a felony. Maybe plutocrats don’t get to buy elections after all.

And on a lighter take on the endless politicking, our old friend Wes Facebooked that he’d just seen an ad for Pepco, the power company around DC where he lives and where we’re from; his wry comment was, Some politician is going to lose the race tomorrow because they didn’t buy that air space.

Heh. May the best candidates–and the country!–win. Vote!

A fund-the-sciences p.s.: A rubber  chicken is going to the Space Station.

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not at all surprised that the Koch boys and “turd blossom” are involved here — I have to say that it is pretty disgusting just how much money has gone to advertizing, polling, etc, etc., in the past 4 years that could have gone to education, health care and infrastructure that would have made things better — and even sadder that somewhere tomorrow morning, someone will be saying “I’m going to run for president/congress/whatever” and will start the madness all over again

sure wish we could get some sanity back into elections — they spend too much time on getting elected and not enough time doing the job!!

Comment by Bev 11.06.12 @ 9:00 am

It’s really sad when I’m happiest about the fact that the political ads stop tonight…

Comment by Channon 11.06.12 @ 9:11 am

Have enjoyed a week of bliss across The Pond … TV and Newspaper mentions of the election, but not the annoying ads.

Voted early, just to be sure my voice was heard.

Coverage in the UK has started – Noon on East Coast US. CNN International has a pool going for what time the election will be called. (Earliest results won’t show up until early hours tomorrow.)

Bizarre, to say the least!

Comment by Anne 11.06.12 @ 10:02 am

Both Bev and Channon said it best! I can say that Camilla has been to places I have never been.

Comment by Don Meyer 11.06.12 @ 10:52 am

We voted first thing, our precinct location is less than 1/2 a block form here. even when computer access was lost, all went smoothly. I love our new community, multi-ethnic groups were there, a lovely couple from India were voting for their first time, and one of the volunteers was all set and able to translate. Great stuff!

Comment by Diana Troldahl 11.06.12 @ 11:31 am

Alison, I expected to see a post by now! I catch you with my morning tea just before you turn in. Late night? My mom stayed up until 1am EST.

Comment by LynnM 11.07.12 @ 2:18 am

Hmmm???? I, too, was expecting your post. Hope it’s delayed by a computer glitch and that all is well with you and your family.

Comment by DebbieR 11.07.12 @ 7:38 am

I had to vote before doing anything else, even if it meant being late for a meeting at work. I couldn’t have kept my mind on the job otherwise.

Comment by twinsetellen 11.07.12 @ 4:31 pm

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