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Thursday October 11th 2012, 10:54 pm
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Did you watch the debate? The New York Times’ editorial afterwards is here.

Ryan tried to invoke Reagan and a particular meeting and Biden pounced: “There were five people in that room. Reagan was there, Tip O’Neill was there, and I. Was. There!”

There was a ticker tape running across the bottom of the screen, and it suddenly showed the leading trend on Twitter: “Jack Kennedy.”

And sometimes it would pronounce, FACT:  (and then state a fact in reference to what the candidates were saying.) I want to know, why haven’t we done that all along? I loved that Biden again and again called Ryan out and told the voters what Ryan had voted for while he was now deriding the President for it.

At the end, as the families poured onto the stage and everybody shook everybody’s hands, Ryan’s little boy got away from his parents and claimed the vice president’s chair; he leaned back with a grin like he thought he owned the place. It had to be way past his bedtime and he was stuck in this suit and clearly under dire orders to smile and be pleasant–well, hey, this is fun here!

Gonna have to give up your claim on that seat, now, son, it doesn’t belong to you.

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I think Joe’s job is safe. =)

Comment by Debbi 10.12.12 @ 3:06 am

Didn’t watch it. Wasn’t impressed with the highlights I was shown courtesy of morning TV either.

Comment by Channon 10.12.12 @ 7:48 am

I was pleased to see Biden being Biden in the clips I’ve seen —

Comment by Bev 10.12.12 @ 8:59 am

I didn’t watch the debate, but I thank you for the link to the Times editorial. This was the line that really got me: “He (Ryan) said he and Mr. Romney agreed with the administration’s planned 2014 pullout from Afghanistan but still thought it was a bad idea…” It’s a good idea, but a bad idea? No comprehende. Okay, I don’t know Spanish.

Comment by Don Meyer 10.12.12 @ 9:22 am

Optimist! I just hope you’re right.

The Nats won last night, in the most cliff-hanger-y way, so I figure there’s still hope for the Democrats.

Comment by Amy S. 10.12.12 @ 9:24 am

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