Swinging in the rain
Saturday October 20th 2012, 10:25 pm
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Finally! See yesterday’s comment for the first day; I couldn’t log in to start a new post.

Today Richard and Richard-the-younger spent putting together a new swing set for Parker and his cousins and future siblings.  Cedar wood, two swings,  a chin-up bar between them and a slide that terrified the poor kid: too high!  I got the first swing in, and very quickly he was pulling his mommy over there for help not to mention moral support in  getting up on that first seat, the one I’d just been on. He liked it! Hey Mikey!

You know he’ll get over the slide’s height the second his older cousins discover that thing, and like his daddy at that age, the kid was born to climb.

The men were pretty tired by the end of the day.  But how many grandparents get to say they flew in to town and got to help build the swing set their grandkids would use forevermore? It was just a really really cool way to spend a day.  While I helped distract the little helper.

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What fun!! I always loved to swing… higher!!

Comment by Channon 10.21.12 @ 4:27 am

I used to love swings … now they make me sea sick! Still it’s great that you can participate in a meaningful way in the lives of future generations.

Comment by Anne 10.21.12 @ 7:39 am

love it! I’ll be he’ll be flying down that slide in no time!!

Comment by Bev 10.21.12 @ 9:07 am

It sounds like a perfectly wonderful day. I’m happy for everyone involved.


Comment by RobinM 10.21.12 @ 9:37 am

Sounds like the most fun leagally allowed by law was had by all. Looking forward to pics of your little swingers and climbers. Oh yeah…I’m back. Had a great time. 🙂

Comment by Ruth 10.21.12 @ 3:40 pm

So glad to hear you and the bags made it but not happy about your laptop! Hug Parker for me!

Comment by Jody 10.21.12 @ 6:42 pm

Oh, swing away! My dad built a swing for me in our backyard. Used it for years.

Comment by Don Meyer 10.22.12 @ 8:58 am

Such a pretty picture in my head now! I am so happy you all got to spend that time together. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 10.22.12 @ 5:22 pm

Not only does the grandpa get the memory of building the swingset, but the grandchildren will always remember it, even if they don’t really remember it. They’ll get told often enough – “your grandpa built that for you”!

Comment by twinsetellen 10.24.12 @ 7:54 pm

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