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Thursday August 23rd 2012, 10:56 pm
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I’m going to say one last thing on the topic of a woman’s right to make her own decision. There’s more to this. Our local Jackie Speier stood up in the House last year, angry, and described what she personally had had to go through: she had lost a baby and had had to go through “that procedure,” a D&C.

I know that she and her husband had long struggled with fertility issues, that that baby was dearly wanted. She did have I think two kids afterwards–and then her husband was killed in a car accident while they were little.

What I did not know until that speech hit the paper was that the men trying to push all the personhood and anti-Planned Parenthood bills were also trying to make it so that new doctors would not be taught how to do D&Cs because those are used in abortions, and were even wanting to criminalize the procedure itself.

I want to scream every time I think about that, Do you know what that means?!

When I miscarried my first pregnancy at almost four months and the fetus was dead, the doctor who did the D&C told me that I had to have that done in order to protect me from scarring, from having leftover tissue that could cause infections, that if it were not done I might never be able to have children. I had that D&C; I went on to have two daughters and two sons.

Do we outlaw all guns everywhere because some are used to kill living people? Did a bullet ever help a body heal?


Okay, enough of that. So. I took my baby dress project to Purlescence tonight, the one I’m working on to match little Eden Alison’s hat. Except, I was stumped. All these years of knitting and I just haven’t done baby clothes–the first sweater I made Parker when he was a few months old fit his three-year-old cousin.

So I asked Pamela, who knits for her little grandchildren all the time, and Danette, who has a toddler. The bottom hem seemed to be coming out too big. We talked fit and the whys and hows of it. (I know I linked to that chart the other day but I needed knitters around me to tell me in person.)

That did it. I sat down and got going, and I am really pleased now with how it’s coming out. Like I so wanted to be all along.

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I’m so glad you have friends to help with hems!

Wow. That makes it far more personal. As you know, I never was pregnant, never will be. But I had to have a D&C anyway, because back in the day, that was how they diagnosed endometriosis. And I can’t even count how many friends have miscarried and needed – NEEEEEEEDED – that D&C.

Comment by Channon 08.24.12 @ 6:15 am

And when I miscarried, why didn’t that doctor do a D&C, and find the endometriosis that has been a bane in the lives of the women who came after me? I am sure there will be more babies in your life so you just need to finish up that lovely little dress and cast on for the next dress, sweater, blanket.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 08.24.12 @ 6:46 am

the whole thought of them making a D&C illegal is just more evidence of how little they know about anything that might even hint at being scientific! 3 years ago when I started bleeding again after having been through menopause 5 years before that, that D&C is exactly what they did to determine if the hysterectomy could be safely preformed by by GYN or if there was cancer involved and we needed a specialist — good grief!

I must say I’m sorry you’re having an issue with a piece of knitting for a baby, but it makes me feel better about the knitting I’ve done for Mr Cute — somehow it seems impossible to figure out what size to knit — he’ll be wearing the hoodie I knit for him last Christmas again this winter!

Comment by Bev 08.24.12 @ 7:39 am

Isn’t it just wonderful when a pattern comes out exactly like you envisioned it?

It humbles me that you are still impressed by that after all you created…

Comment by Suzanne from Montreal 08.24.12 @ 8:04 am

Maybe there should be a law that says that only law-makers who know what they’re talking about can vote on a law. That ought to thin the ranks!

Re the knitting — at least you’re not hemming and hawing!

Comment by Don Meyer 08.24.12 @ 8:53 am

My sister bled a lot after a miscarriage. I believe a D&C likely saved her life.

Knitters are a huge help!

Comment by RobinM 08.24.12 @ 10:19 am

A D&C keep me from bleeding to death after the birth of my twins. Dear heavens. Excuse me as I leave and go mumble things about stupid people.

Comment by afton 08.24.12 @ 12:07 pm

The previous commenters have said it all, but obviously we do need to talk about this because people need to know!

Comment by kmom 08.24.12 @ 5:20 pm

my sister miscarried early in her first marriage. the fetus did not expel itself, and after several days her doctor ordered a D&C. my sister’s bishop (in Logan UT) told her that doing that was equal to an abortion and that if she did it, he would start ex-communication proceedings. the doctor (LDS) called the bishop and not-so-gently educated him on the difference between removing a fetus that had died several weeks ago, and killing an unborn baby. i dont have a great relationship with my sister, but i sure do love my nieces and nephews and i am glad that they were all born.

Comment by Tola 08.24.12 @ 9:18 pm

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