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Thursday August 30th 2012, 10:48 pm
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My cousin Grant Bennett spoke at the Republican Convention tonight about his neighbor and did a fine job of it: straight from the heart.

Then he introduced a few people, and I ended up emailing a friend from our ward here: was that your mom?!

It was. The mother of this child, if you want more of the woman’s story.

I still have no intention of voting for Romney, but I read a comment on the Washington Post today by a fellow Obama supporter who said that clearly the man loves his wife and she loves him: you can’t fake that look he saw between them.

Much though I dislike that Paul Ryan last night repeated outright lies that have been exposed again and again and he didn’t care–like that Janesville plant that closed not under Obama but while Bush was in office, that that debt commission report didn’t get acted on because he voted not to let it out of committee, and on and on–but his little boys stole the show by hamming it up every time the camera landed on them last night and tonight. I laughed as it got snatched away again and again, trying to find that right moment while the youngest especially was simply being a cheerful little boy cooped up too long in cooped-up clothes. Bring on the balloons!

I think it was his sister that caught one almost as big as her at the end and was wobbling with it, exit, stage right.

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That was your cousin? My husband said he did a really good job. Of course, my question is how does R’s service to his church qualify him to lead the country? Wow, wait’ll I tell Mike that my internet knitting friend’s cousin was the guy who spoke at the convention. =)

Comment by Debbi 08.31.12 @ 3:20 am

It’s a small world. Neat that you not only had your cousin speak, but he introduced someone else you know…

Comment by Channon 08.31.12 @ 7:17 am

this just confirms what I have long said about being in the church — it’s a small, small world!

Comment by Bev 08.31.12 @ 7:56 am

I didn’t watch the Republican convention, and I don’t plan to watch the other circus.

Comment by Don Meyer 08.31.12 @ 8:51 am

I’m with Don, I’m afraid.

Comment by twinsetellen 08.31.12 @ 1:44 pm

But glad to hear that your cousin demonstrated the decency I’d expect from a relation of yours. Not that that is a guarantee, of course, but nice that it worked that way this time.

Comment by twinsetellen 08.31.12 @ 1:45 pm

One of my friends just got back from the R convention. (She said she declined the nomination when it was offered her.) Her company is also sending her to the D convention. I am eagerly awaiting her report.

Comment by LauraN 08.31.12 @ 4:45 pm

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