A parliament of owls
Wednesday August 22nd 2012, 10:38 pm
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Re last night’s post: I’ve been there.

I was pregnant, my lupus diagnosis that explained so much was years in the future, and things were not going well for me.  At all. The obstetrician decided it was time to spell out the options.


If you don’t survive the pregnancy then we lose both of you.


I prayed really hard to know whether I was just having the knee-jerk reaction of a mother protecting her child–as well she should want to; what should I do. Richard prayed too. Hard.

And, deep breath, I felt, I really felt, it would turn out okay. I went ahead with it and we both survived.

But I had that choice. No one but absolutely no one had the moral authority to make it but me alone with my God. No one. Not even my husband, much though I love him. This was my ordeal as the mother of my children and the wife to my husband and as me myself. I made that choice.

Those who vote for personhood bills say that my daughters and yours should not have that choice, that those Congressmen’s political power and their religious views on when life starts trump not just everyone else’s religions and views but our very lives.

The next president could well be choosing Supreme Court justices. Vote. Please, please, vote, please stand up for us all.

And on a lighter note, just because I need it after writing this so very personal story out loud for all the world to criticize, come see here–scroll to the bottom. Barn owls are nesting on the 11th floor of the Marriott near the airport here. It’s clear they have closed off access to that balcony:  they “are letting the owlets enjoy their stay in peace.”

And the staff is handing out stuffed owls to the children staying at the hotel, probably sparking an interest in birds in them for life. And perhaps their own children’s to come, as my parents taught me.

I just think that’s really, really cool.

And. My brother-in-law Ned was in town and took us all out for dinner after he got away from work. Much love was enjoyed by all. I can only wish his job flew him out here more often.

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Thank you for sharing that story.

It is a very personal, and difficult, decision for any woman and truly is hers as, either way, she must live with the consequences.

I always find it interesting how those who holler the loudest re: freedom of religion are often the ones who are also trying to ensconce their religion based beliefs in the constitution/law. Sigh….

Comment by wildknits 08.23.12 @ 4:11 am

I live in MA, and when Romney was governor of this state, he did not oppose abortion. I simply do not trust him. For a complete history of his views on abortion go here: http://tinyurl.com/cwykfcd It smells to me of Bill Clinton’s “It depends on what the meaning of “is” is. (I am a bipartisan mis-truster!)

FWIW, many years ago I had a pregnancy that didn’t “look or feel right” to me or my OB-GYN. The symptoms and tests were positive one week, negative the next, then positive again, etc. I’d had 3 previous pregnancies and I knew in my body and heart that something was very wrong. With great sadness and gratitude I consented to end the pregnancy as my doc recommended. It turned out to be a very invasive condition of the placenta (without fetus) that becomes highly malignant if left to grow. What would have happened to my 3 dd’s if I had not been able to have this procedure?

Carol in MA

Comment by Carol Telsey 08.23.12 @ 6:08 am

So, politicians feel they should have the right to determine how I live my life, yet they support troops going into other countries to defend a woman’s rights there.
How do they justify?

Comment by Sandra 08.23.12 @ 6:42 am

Thanks for sharing your story.

And thanks to the staff for handing out little owls and perpetuating the wonder…

Comment by Channon 08.23.12 @ 7:25 am

Thank you, Alison, for your two most recent posts. I have so much to say about all of this that, if I tried, my comments would be waaaayyyy too long for this space, but you have stated things so thoughtfully, beautifully, and succinctly.

Comment by India 08.23.12 @ 7:46 am

Oh, my! A most touching story! As the lone male voice today I just want to say that I absolutely and completely agree with you. That decision is yours ALONE! Gets me wondering, what will Congress want to control next — repeal the law of gravity? As for Sandra’s question, “How do they justify?”
they don’t.

Comment by Don Meyer 08.23.12 @ 9:23 am

what they have all said! Oh that people would actually come out and vote!

Comment by kmom 08.23.12 @ 11:29 am

Preach it, sister!

Comment by Renee 08.23.12 @ 1:34 pm

Let the people say AMEN!!!

and the owls — awesome!!!!

Comment by Bev 08.23.12 @ 3:22 pm

Your story, along with Carol’s, really illustrate the importance of choice. Those who depict women who choose to abort a pregnancy as selfish and uncaring simply have not opened themselves to the complicated truth.

Comment by twinsetellen 08.23.12 @ 6:49 pm

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