Look, Mom! Is that the Three Billy Goats Gruff!
Thursday April 05th 2012, 10:32 pm
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One of my earliest memories is from the summer I was three. We were driving across the country, and a cable snapped and wrapped around an axle: we were on the freeway doing 70 when suddenly one wheel wasn’t turning. We spun out–Mom remembers we missed a gasoline tanker by inches, I just remember going airborne and bouncing around and around the far back–and down we went, over an embankment.

I remember being mad at my daddy. What was he doing?! I didn’t LIKE it!

This was long before carseats, or even seatbelts other than in the front.

My older siblings remember that there was a petting zoo at the bottom of that embankment and that we got to pet the animals while waiting for help on the car, the owner taking us in on the spot. This was an unexpected fun adventure, a lot more fun than sitting in some dumb old car forever.

Meantime, the truck driver had found a farmhouse and pulled over to call the police, saying a family had just died back there.

Actually, not so much, but the help was much appreciated.

B a a a a a a ah! Petpetpet.

I wish I remember that part. But I’m glad I got started on appreciating fiber animals at a tender age–and Mom was always knitting on car trips. Go Mom! I love these pictures of Parker discovering wool on the hoof, too; maybe he’ll be a spinner some day. Here, have some lion mane to cement the deal.

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Having been thrugh Bozeman, Mt., twice in the last few days–I have goe into The Yarn Shop in the historic district there. Buffalo that i can pet–one skein the first time, not enough to make anything–one skein the second time–maybe enough for a small shawl?

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 04.06.12 @ 6:26 am

Wow. As the Knight says so often it is annoying, it clearly wasn’t your time. (I’m glad.)

Very cute photos too.

Comment by Channon 04.06.12 @ 7:12 am

Wool on the hoof! Terrific!

Comment by Carol 04.06.12 @ 7:22 am

*SNOL* loved the cement comment. The story was crazy scary – glad everyone survived relatively unhurt. g

Comment by gMarie 04.06.12 @ 8:11 am

love the Parker pictures!

isn’t knitting in the car what you are SUPPOSED to do?

Comment by Bev 04.06.12 @ 8:26 am

Quit scaring me! Over the embankment? Yikes!
I see that Parker has the Curiosity gene.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.06.12 @ 8:39 am

Go get ’em, Parker! Chase those goats! Early exposure is so important!

That is a scary story – I’m so glad everyone was ok! I remember riding in the “way back” of our station wagon when I was a kid, coming home from the cousins’ house, 2 hours away. I was supposed to be sleeping, but I used to lie there and watch the stars follow us. I remember sliding around from side to side when my Daddy took a corner too fast, and I remember my Mommy saying, “Jack! Slow down, for heaven’s sake!” Fond memories… I often wonder how we survived, though, without air bags, seat belts, or sometimes (in the way back) even seats!

Comment by Pegi 04.06.12 @ 11:25 am

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