Part two/Who knew
Saturday January 07th 2012, 11:07 pm
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I emailed that pharmacy last night and we went over first thing. They did still have Richard’s med and the pharmacist told us I was supposed to have been asked to verify the birthdate.

And then she looked and went, “Oh–but even the birthdate is very similar!” I was watching the clerk’s face yesterday and I didn’t hear or see it and I don’t think they did ask, but if they did, Richard pointed out, my hearing was an issue.

She very carefully marked both patient files so that staff would know next time. She thanked us for coming back and was about to send us on our way when I stopped her with, “Wait a minute–when they rang me up yesterday, I asked them, ‘Are you sure?’ I was thinking, that’s not enough, is it?”

And then I looked at the new bottle in my hand and told her how much we still owed her.

She thanked me yet again and told us again, as that got rung up, how glad she was that we’d come in. I imagine so.

But she really wanted to ask questions the moment Richard mentioned my hearing, and that delay seemed to have broken the ice for her: did I have any experience with Meniere’s? Yes I did. With rotational vertigo?  Yes, years ago.  Any other cause…? Yes.  Clearly she wanted to talk to someone else who knew what it was like to go through those kinds of symptoms; Richard gave her a twirling-room description with arms flailing that had her laughing.

And clearly she wanted to meet someone else about her own age who already wore hearing aids to reassure herself it would be okay to start considering them.

You know that I feel that if you need help hearing, get tested and get the help; it’s easier to start younger than older to retrain the brain to pick out voices from a crowd and sounds out of noise again. And it’s so much better just to be able to understand why things sound the way they do–you lose your high frequencies first so you lose the consonants but not the vowels.  Making no sense of speech makes sense once you know. So fix it.

I wonder if the other person mixing those bottles up was all part of a Plan unseen to help get her where she needs to be. Curious.

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No coincidences. You were where you needed to be…

Comment by Channon 01.08.12 @ 8:29 am

nothing without a reason (the trick is to accept that sometimes we don’t know the reason at the time!)

Comment by Bev 01.08.12 @ 8:47 am

I suspect we scarcely know the reason most of the time. Wow, that is quite a story!

Comment by Don Meyer 01.08.12 @ 11:14 am

I am way behind and thus reading posts in reverse order, but I agree. You are where you are supposed to be WHEN you are there! I once had a teenager come into the pharmacy and since my hair was up, noticed my hearing aid. I pointed out I wore 2. She then asked “Oh, so you CAN get a good job if you are hearing impaired!” I want ot find whoever told her she couldn’t get a good job (turns out she as 16 and wore a hearing aid too) and give them a stern talkin to.

Comment by Carol 01.15.12 @ 7:52 pm

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