On JRR Tolkien’s birthday
Wednesday January 04th 2012, 12:08 am
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(Totally stole that title from a comment by Becca’s husband.)

I’ve been hoping I can get over my cold fast enough to get to Jasmin‘s baby shower this Saturday; her baby, long nicknamed Sharkbean in utero, was expected Jan. 25th.

I saw a FB note from my friend Becca, (side note to some friends: she used to live in our ward, yes, that Becca), that her doctor had told her this morning she was in early labor and to get to the hospital. Becca made a side trip to make sure her kids would be picked up from school, was coming down the freeway in the fast lane, and…

…blew a tire. Called AAA. Yeah, we’ll have someone out there in about an hour. Wait: you’re what?! “They called everybody,” and so Becca posted a picture of a handsome young fireman peering in her car window, who, she said, was very happy not to be delivering her baby.

She posted updates all day, laughing over outrageous name ideas, and while she was…

…Jasmin posted. Totally scooped her. At 4:07, her baby girl had arrived, safe and sound and beautiful!

Wait, what? That one’s not due yet!

Becca posted how labor isn’t boring anymore, she and her husband were watching a movie, waiting for the kid to get on with it. And then finally, at 9:32, another beautiful baby girl arrived into the world.

Back when I was at that stage, I had an obstetrician with a poster of a newborn with the caption, “A baby is God’s opinion that the world shall go on.”

The whole world is reborn in the face of a child. But don’t be surprised if she likes to play with toy firetrucks next Christmas. Or thinks she can grow little toothy fishes from the proverbial bean sprouting out of a filled dixie cup.

Welcome to the world, little sisters.

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oh wow, how cool is that — two little girls to be linked by their common birthday! and the first girl babies I’ve heard about in a while, seems everyone I know has been having boys!

Comment by Bev 01.04.12 @ 9:31 am

Love the JRRT cherry on top. But I do hope neither girl winds up looking like a hobbit! 😉 (Kidding…)

Comment by Channon 01.04.12 @ 9:33 am

Just picture it — the tow truck driver peering in the car window, with a newborn smiling back at him!

(I know, I know. It doesn’t work that way.)

Comment by Don Meyer 01.04.12 @ 9:58 am

I have been away from reading blogs so long – what a delight to get to this post and read of such wonderful news!!!

Comment by twinsetellen 01.04.12 @ 5:55 pm

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