Blackberry cobbler
Wednesday January 25th 2012, 11:27 pm
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A Costco-sized package did this to me. They looked so good and they were so cheap but there were so many!

And I can never follow a recipe, so here’s my version. I rinsed the blackberries and then rolled them gently from paper towel-covered plate to paper towel-covered plate, patting them on top too to dry them off as much as possible.

Oven ready at 350.

Melt a stick of butter and pour in a 13×9 pan and swish around. (I greased the sides with a little extra butter.) Cover the bottom with 18 oz blackberries, ie one Costco package’s worth, trying to spread them across as they hit rather than pushing them around a lot afterwards so that the butter stays distributed as evenly as possible.

Meantime, have 2 c sugar, 2 c flour, 1 tbl baking powder, 1 tsp salt mixed together; pour in 2 c milk and beat. (Okay, so I substituted about 1/4 c super-heavy manufacturing cream in there for that much of the milk.) Pour over the berries and get it quickly into the oven.

Bake one hour. Makes something between a popover and a pancake with its own fresh jam. Note that the measured volume of berries, at about 5 c, nearly equals that of all the other ingredients together.

But be careful: the original recipe said to melt the butter in the pan in the oven, take it out, then pour the milk mixture over and add the berries. That, my friends, is a good way to have exploding glass all over your kitchen unless you’re using a metal pan. Cold liquid should never come in contact with hot glass.

Oh, and the knitting? Got past my roadblock and knitted up most of an ounce of fingering weight today. Love love love how it’s coming out, with credit for the exquisitely soft, beautiful yarn going to Lisa Souza. The cobbler was to celebrate and to get my hands to take a break.

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Yummy! I’ll have to try that for my quilters’ weekend. I used to make chocolate pudding cake. But after the “volcano cake” that oozed to the hot oven below when I used too small of a pan ….. did you know burnt chocolate smell can travel all through a 3-story house?

Comment by DebbieR 01.25.12 @ 11:40 pm

What a cool recipe! Unfortunately we got no blueberries in Israel. I am glad that your knitting block has broken.

Comment by Henya 01.26.12 @ 12:59 am

Yumm! Very similar to the recipe I use for various fruit cobblers, except I melt the butter using the microwave, add the batter first and then the fruit on top.

May have to get a package of blueberries picked last summer out of the freezer…… blackberries will have to wait until they become more abundant here – which is a sign of a changing climate.

Comment by wildknits 01.26.12 @ 5:54 am

We’re buying blueberries in bulk, but they go in the dogs’ food. Blueberries are good for the eyes, I’ve been told…

Comment by Channon 01.26.12 @ 8:40 am

Looks and sounds so good. Both the baking and the knitting.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 01.26.12 @ 9:03 am

this cobbler sound wonderful — I was just in Costco yesterday — and resisted the siren call of the blackberries because cobbler is not something the DH should be eating (too many carbs)

glad the knitting is going well — can’t wait to see pictures

Comment by Bev 01.26.12 @ 9:12 am

Good Grief! I can smell it clear over here! Do I get a taste?

Comment by Don Meyer 01.26.12 @ 9:56 am

You forgot to let me know that you were going to be baking! I would have found a way to show up…glad the knitting is behaving, for now, at least. :-0

Comment by Ruth 01.26.12 @ 10:25 am

I used to keep a supply of “fruit crisp” topping in the freezer. Quadruple batch of roughly 2c oats, 1c. brown sugar, 1c. (white and whole meal combo) flour, 1 tsp ginger AND cinnamon AND mixed spice (or more), 1c. butter all squished and put into smaller bags and then baked in ramekins sprinkled over fruit like above. Since the child went to college I haven’t made any but your post has re-inspired me. That, and I still have frozen berries–but no topping.

Comment by LynnM 01.26.12 @ 1:15 pm

I can smell it from here!

Comment by Momo Fali 01.26.12 @ 2:37 pm

I used to go for walks out in the woods when we lived in the country. I was familiar with raspberry canes and brambles and picked tons of black raspberries for several seasons before I figured out that the mutant looking raspberries that grew in long draping vines were wild blackberries! It was a wonderful discovery, and I still remember the taste and the stained fingers from picking.

I can never cook from a recipe either, but I do adore improvising in the kitchen! Your crisp looks lovely, with the way the filling scooped out nicely with the crust. Yum!

Comment by Molly 01.26.12 @ 6:40 pm

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